Darren Haus Math 7-1


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Classroom Rules

Our classroom will have 2 simple rules.

1.      Be on time

2.     Respect:  Respect the classroom, the people in it, and yourself


You are expected to bring the following materials to Math class EVERYDAY:

1.     Pencil

2.    Calculator

3.    Math Notebook

4.    Math Folder

5.    Homework

6.    Ipad


You will have math homework almost every night.  You must bring your homework to class on the day it is due.  It is due at the start of class, so if you forget it in your locker or can’t find it, it will be considered late.  Organization is key.

Most homework assignments will be graded in class and count towards your grade. This is why it is very important that you always complete your homework and bring it to class.   Homework can always be corrected and turned in for additional credit.  Late assignments cannot be corrected. 

Corrections, Late Work, Absent Work

All formative assignments can be corrected to improve grade.  All work must be shown and work needs to be turned in prior to chapter test.  All corrections, late work, and absent work should be turned into folder by window. 

Grading Policy and Scale

Your math grade is based on 2 things: homework(Formative) and tests/quizzes(Summative). Overall grade will be 90% (Summative) 10%( Formative)

The following grading scale will be used:

90-100% - A

80-89% - B 

70-79% - C

60-69% - D

Below 60% - U


I am always available if you need help!  Mornings, Lunch, After school, come see me.


Lets have a great year!  Mr. Haus

To find out assignment information please use Canvas.

Please use links on right for Powerschool Gradebook and the online text.