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I am so glad you have decided to check out the fun things we are doing in PKP. On this page, you can find out what events are coming up by clicking calendar, you can view some activities to try at home by clicking assignments, and you can follow links to good websites for your children by clicking the individual links.

*I have added a gallery of pictures of our children learning and working together. just click on gallery and you will be able to see what we have been doing at school.

I will be updating this site frequently, so keep checking back!

  LINKS TO TEACHER SITES                                               LINKS TO FUN SITES

  Miss DeeDee                                                                        Starfall (for letters and reading)

  Miss Jill                                                                                    internet4classrooms (games and information)

  Miss Colleen                                                                           Enchanted Learning


If you are having concerns that your child has sensory processing difficulties, here is a checklist to see if you should find out more.


here are some sensory links

fine and gross motor


Here is some information on Autism.



Here are some links to ideas for positive behavior management/guidance



Here is a link to a fine and gross motor activity list.

Click here

Here is a link to a document I made based on the district kindergarten readiness brochure.

Click here

Apps for your smart phone or ipad

faces I make

this one uses pictures of different objects for kids to arrange into faces.

story chimes has several apps that have read aloud books for children to hear and see. The pictures are cute and the voice reads slowly and understandably.

Alphabet Tracing

shows children how to write letters by following a caterpillar with a finger and the line shows up on the screen.

If your child is new to the ipod or ipad use, here are some nice apps that will help you train your child to touch the screen gently and how to swipe and tap properly while having fun.

Talking Tom

tap him and he yelps, talk to him and he repeats what you have said, stroke his fur and he purrs.

Pocket Pond

swipe your finger and the water moves realistically, you can add lily pads and some fish come out




Bullying policy (aggressive behavior and harassment)

student discipline

Classroom visits