Mrs. Sarah Lorenzi 3rd Grade Teacher

Welcome to third grade!  My name is Mrs. Lorenzi and this is my thirteenth year teaching third grade here at Longfellow.  Third grade is an exciting year and we will have lots of fun learning together!


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Our Future's So Bright, We've Got to Wear Shades!


2013/2014  Class Schedule

2013/2014 Curriculum Night Slideshow

Wondering why your child is talking about filling buckets? Check out Carol McCloud's book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" 

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Parent Road Map for the Common Core State Standards (as I mentioned at Curriculum Night, it's an excellent resource to explain some of the changes you will see with our transition to the CCSS)

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Lorenzi Leads: April 22, 2014


Important Upcoming Dates:

*Tuesday, April 22nd - Geared Up Lego Program Session 4 - 10:05-10:55

*Wednesday, April 23rd - Longfellow Science Night - 6:00 PM

*Friday, April 25th - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Weird Hair Day

*Tuesday, April 29th - Geared Up Lego Program Session 5 - 10:05-10:55

*Tuesday, April 29th - Longfellow's Tasty Dog Challenge Day

*Friday, May 2nd - Harambee Black History Month Performance (rescheduled from February) - 7 - 9 PM at Julian Middle School

*Friday, May 2nd - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Mustache Dayl

*Saturday, May 3rd - District 97 Ethnic Festival at Julian Middle School

*Tuesday, May 6th - Geared Up Legos Program Session 6 - 10:05-10:55

*Wednesday, May 7th - ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) - 10:00 AM. Students need to wear gym shoes.

*Friday, May 9th - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Pajama Day

*Saturday, May 10th - District 97 Fun Run  This event is different than the PTO Fundraiser Fun Run in the Fall.  The Annual District Fun Run is  free of charge and for all boys and girls in District 97.  Check out the digital back pack for more information and to sign up.

*Sunday, May 11th - Happy Mother's Day!

*Tuesday, May 13th - Tribute to Excellence Assembly - 9 AM

*Wednesday, May 14th - PTO Meeting - 7 PM

*Friday, May 16th - Olympic Day - 12:00 - 2:45 PM Students will participate in many activities including a climbing wall.  Please make sure your child wears gym shoes, shorts or pants (no dresses), and sun screen.

*Thursday, May 8th - Sports Night - 6:00 - 8:00 PM

*Friday, May 16th - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Sports Day

*Friday, May 16th - Last day of Passport to Reading

*Friday, May 23rd - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Multiples Day

*Monday, May 26th - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

*Friday, May 30th - Pool Trip to Rehm - 12:30 - 2:30 PM

*Friday, May 30th - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Minion/Lunch with Friends Day

*Friday, June 6th - Student Council Fantastic Fridays: Hat Day

*Monday, June 9th - Third Grade Park Outing at Barrie Park 12:30 - 2:30 PM

*Tuesday, June 10th - Last day of school! - third trimester report cards go home

*Tuesday, June 10th - Third Trimester PBIS Celebration

*Tuesday, June 10th - Student Council Terrific Tuesday: Flip-Flop Day

*Sunday, June 15th - Happy Father's Day!


Nourish To Flourish Monthly Theme: 

Make drinking water a habit.

+Reach for a glass of water first thing in the morning and get your
blood flowing.
+Take regular water breaks - every 45 minutes during the waking day.
+Avoid relying on sodas to provide your fluid need. High sugar and
artificial flavors are harmful to teeth and overall health.
+Drink water prior to eating, and after eating, to support the
digestive process. Water helps the liver convert stored fat into usable
energy. A lack of water makes it harder for nutrients to be broken down and used as energy.
+Carry either bottled water or tap water everywhere--school, the gym, in
the car, to the office.
+During exercise, replenish fluid at least every 20 minutes.
+Don't wait until thirsty to drink.
+Know the early signs of dehydration, which include headache, poor
concentration, lethargy, fatigue, irritability and diminished mental



In math this week, we will be continuing our geometry unit.  We will specifically be focusing on quadrilaterals, a problem-solving investigation related to geometry, and partitioning shapes.

Even though we are no longer working on a multiplication unit, students should continue to work on their multiplication fact fluency.  Time should be taken at home to practice these facts every night.  Students can use flash cards or visit the multiplication game sites linked to my website.  In addition to this, students are working on "Rocket Math," which consists of taking one-minute timed multiplication quizzes at the beginning of each math class.   Students are expected to study their Rocket Math facts for 5-10 minutes each night at home for homework.  Students can also visit the Flocabulary site to watch music videos that will help to reinforce their multiplication and division skills.

Students are encouraged to continue to practice TenMarks ( at home to strengthen their skills as well.


In reading this week, we will continue our novel study with the book, Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Students will participate in discussions and activities related to the book.  We will compare the theme, setting, characters and plot of this book to the other Patricia MacLachlan book that we just finished, Waiting for the Magic.    Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the Common Core Reading Literature standards through our work and activities with this author/novel study.

Additionally, we will continue to focus on our Reading Informational (RI) standards by reading non-fiction articles in our Time for Kids booklets and completing related assignments and activities.


Our spelling skill for this week is open syllables.  Students will be pre-tested at the beginning of the week and will receive a differentiated spelling list to study throughout the week.  Students are expected to spend 5 - 10 minutes each night studying the spelling words.  The spelling post-test will be on Friday

There is also a menu of spelling activities for students to choose from.  Students will work on one or two of these choice activities each week.

Students have a Daily Language Review book that we will use daily.  This will give students daily practice with editing and revising sentences, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, fact vs. opinion, parts of speech, analogies, context clues, etc.


We will soon begin work on expository writing as related to short research projects.  Work on these research projects will begin in a couple of weeks.  Until that time, we will be modeling and practicing expository writing skills and techniques.  

April is national poetry month!  Students will be reading and creating some of their own poetry using poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, and rhyme.

Science and Social Studies: 

This week, we continue to work in social studies as well as begin our plant growth and development unit in science.  Students will be making observations and scientific sketches of the plant life around our school.  

Our Geared-Up Legos science simple machines extension workshops continued today.

Odds and Ends:

*Instead of continuing to send completed assessments and other work home piece by piece with slips attached for you to sign, we are going to be sending completed work home in a folder periodically and requesting your signature and the date on a line on the folder, indicating you have taken a look at the work inside.  Please send the work, and entire folder, with your signature and date, back to school whenever it is sent home.  The completed work inside will have teacher comments and feedback and, in some cases, will require the student to go back and re-do certain parts

*Be sure your child comes to school each day with a water bottle filled with cold water.  Water only please.

*Red take-home folder and assignment notebook - You should be seeing these go home every day.  Please check the assignment notebook daily and sign off each night indicating that you have seen it.  I check them at the end of each day (and stamp them) to show that I have seen them and that every student has written down his/her assignments accurately.

*Healthy Snacks can be eaten at any point during the school day.  Acceptable snacks include fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits such as raisins, apple sauce, fruit cups, and string cheese.

*Remind your child of the importance of completing all homework assignments at home.  Students who have their assignments completed and at school on the day they're due will have the opportunity to earn their daily sticker on our star chart.