Junior Great Books

The Junior Great Books program is back at Beye! Junior Great Books is an extracurricular reading program for students in grades four and five. Discussion groups meet once a week during lunch recess (11:25 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.) for approximately nine weeks.

Junior Great Books is an opportunity for small groups of students to read and discuss age-appropriate literature with an adult facilitator. The program uses a “shared inquiry” approach to learning, which encourages students to search for meaning in stories and to consider and express many different points of view. The discussions help students increase their comprehension, interpretive thinking, and oral and written language skills.

The program is open to any student in grades four and five who wants to join. Students will use an anthology of grade-appropriate stories, usually folk tales, which have been selected by the Great Books Foundation for their ability to be interpreted in many different ways leading to interesting and informative discussions. Students are responsible for reading the weekly selection at home on their own or with their parents/guardians before each session.

Parent volunteers help lead the discussion group. For volunteer information or to learn more about the program, please contact Monica Saydah at [email protected]. For information on the Junior Great Books Selection, please visit www.greatbooks.org.