Agenda May 6, 2019

Committee for Community Engagement

District 97’s long-standing commitment to community engagement has played an instrumental role in its efforts to provide students with access to a high-quality education and positive learning environments that are equitable, inclusive and focused on whole child. It is the fervent belief in this commitment and the strong desire to further foster its relationship with the residents of Oak Park that led the Board of Education to establish a standing Committee for Community Engagement (CCE) that is comprised primarily of individuals from the community.

The purpose of the CCE, which is scheduled to meet on a monthly basis during the school year and once during the summer, is to provide the board and administration with ongoing expertise, strategic counsel and guidance that will help increase community interest and engagement in the work of District 97, while also fostering collaborative partnerships with community members that will aid the continued growth of the district’s schools and success of its students. 

The CCE is charged with:

  • Reviewing and offering feedback on the district’s current mechanisms for promoting community engagement
  • Investigating national trends and best practices regarding community engagement
  • Identifying new strategies and resources that will help foster and promote a positive and productive two-way dialogue with community members
  • Recommending ways that various communication tools and platforms can be used to educate and inform community members about the efforts being undertaken by the district to support student learning and staff development
  • Offering advice and guidance about how the district can successfully sustain community interest and engagement in its work
  • Providing the board with an annual report summarizing the CCE’s activities from the previous year and plans for the year to come

You can access the charge for the CCE by clicking here.


  • Kara Miller
  • Sean Flynn
  • Wendy Joice-Denhard
  • Ami Novoryta
  • Leslie Truelove

BOE Representatives

  • Rupa Data
  • Rob Breymaier

D97 Representatives

  • Dr. Carol Kelley, Superintendent
  • Chris Jasculca, Senior Director of Policy, Planning and Communication
  • Lou Anne Johannesson, Administrative Liasion