Got Apps?

There are thousands of apps available with all kinds of educational uses. As a district, we want to provide you with a fairly small set of apps that we have identified as being particularly useful, but we will be constantly on the lookout for useful additions. Here are some questions you might have about iPad apps in District 97.

Can I add apps to my iPad?

All staff members with iPads are encouraged to become familiar with highly rated apps for use at their grade level, subject area, or job description. You should feel free to add any app you find interesting or useful as long as you recognize that in the course of teaching, your device may be in the hands of students. You should not make apps with questionable content available to your students.

Who owns the apps on my iPad?

Each app on your iPad is owned by the person or entity that initially downloaded the app (and paid for it, if necessary). If you downloaded an app through your iCloud or iTunes account, that app belongs to you, not the district. Apps that came installed on your iPad or that you added through the Self Service tab belong to the district. If the app was purchased for use by a particular department or teacher group and you move from that group, the app may be removed from your device.

Where can I find out about good apps to use in my classroom?

You might learn about an interesting app by reading an article, going to a conference, visiting a web site, or seeing a friend or colleague demonstrate its use. However you identify an app that interests you, feel free to download it using your own iTunes account and try it out in your classroom. Note that some paid apps offer free "lite" versions that you can use to try before you buy.

Can I request an app for my iPad?

An app request will not be granted if it is for use by an individual teacher. If you want to try out an app, download it and put it through its paces.

How do I request an app for a group of teachers?

If your research and experimentation identifies an app that would be useful to a larger group of staff, you can enter a request for the app via the form that is linked below. In order for your school or department or the district to make an app available, it must have broad applicability. It is expected that any app that is requested has been tested in actual classroom use before the request is made. In particular, it is expected that you have made sure it doesn't have excessive advertising or popups that will distract students..

App Request Form

What information do I need to provide when requesting an app?

The online app request form requests the following information:

  • your name and building
  • the name of the app
  • its purpose and use
  • how you learned about it
  • the grade levels and subject areas for which it is appropriate
  • the cost of the app
  • who needs to have the app (your building, your department or grade level, all elementary teachers, all middle school teachers, all district staff)

What happens after I submit an app request?

All requests will be reviewed by the Data and Instructional Technology Coaches. If your information is not complete, you will be asked for clarification. If the app is approved, it will be forwarded to the appropriate funding source for final approval.

How long will it take for an app to be approved or denied and how will I find out?

Your request will be reviewed within two weeks by the Data and Instructional Technology Coaches. If your information is not complete, you may be asked for clarification. If your app is not approved, you will be informed at this point. If they agree that the app would make a useful addition, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate funding source for final approval (principals, department chairs, or the Director of Teaching and Learning). If your app is approved for funding, you will hear the resolution from the person in charge of the funding.

How are apps paid for?

Who pays for an app is determined by the intended target audience. Funds may come from an individual school budget, a department budget, or the budget of Teaching and Learning. Apps are purchased through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (or downloaded centrally, if the app is free), installed in our mobile device management system, and made available to appropriate staff through the Self Service tab.

How will I learn about apps that have been added for use by the district?

When a requested app is available, all teachers eligible to install it will receive an email.

How do I delete an app I no longer want on my iPad?

To remove an app from your iPad, press and hold that app's icon. All of your app icons will begin to shake and you will see a little x in the upper left corner of each. Just tap the x for any app you want to delete from the iPad. Press the Home button when you are finished.