Meet Ms. Carr

Name: Chemaine Carr
Email: [email protected]
Role: Assistant Principal
Phone: 708-524-7513​​​​​​​
Office Hours: 11:40-12:20

Ms. Carr in 8th Grade

Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                                          

Eighth grade has come so fast! In just two years I saw your student grow from being a timid and frightened 6th grader to a  “Hey I made it through the first year and now I am a 7th grader.” Now as an 8th grader, they stay on social media, answer “I don’t know,” or scowls at you when you ask them, “How was your day?”  It has been quite an honor to have been your child’s Assistant Principal for the last two years and I look forward to collaborating with you toward graduation.

Professionally, I was a data analyst for several medical and marketing companies for over fourteen years.  In 2003, I decided to make a career change. I attended National Louis University and obtained my Master Degrees in Education in 2005, and Administration and Supervision in 2010.  I began my teaching career at Carver Military Academy with Chicago Public Schools in 2005 and also became the department chair and member of the Instructional Leadership team during that time.  Nine years ago, I became an Assistant Principal at Percy Julian, and have enjoyed being part of a great community. My education philosophy is that the success of a student is like a chair. The four legs are the parent, teacher, student and administrator, and if one leg is broken the chair is unbalanced. I believe it is very important to build and maintain positive and strong relationships.

Thank you for raising such wonderful students and letting me be a part of their lives. Despite the current situation, I know we can work as a team to provide your child with everything they need in order to have a successful school year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email ([email protected]) or phone 708-524-7513 with any questions or concerns. 


Chemaine Carr
8th Assistant Principal