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Ryan Gordon


Welcome to Lincoln!  It is with great honor that I serve as principal of Lincoln Elementary School.   I came to Lincoln in 2020 as a co-interim principal and was named principal in 2021. I started my career as an educator in 2007 and started in District 97 in 2018.  I served two years as an assistant principal at Julian Middle School in Oak Park before transitioning to the role of Lincoln's principal. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master's of Education in Educational Administration. 

I have the strong mindset that all students can learn and believe in our district vision that we should “Create a positive learning environment for all District 97 students that is equitable, inclusive and focused on the whole child!”  I am a leader who puts children first, one who uses data to drive my decisions, both quantitative and qualitative, and an educator who collaborates with stakeholders to drive change.  I believe in being an ethical decision-maker, a leader who exemplifies professionalism, uses great communication skills, and creates inclusive, engaging opportunities for teaching and learning.  Learning does not happen by accident.  Meeting the needs of all learners, including the diverse learners’ population, should be evident in all aspects of educating a child.  It is through planning and knowledge of students that we reach our goals of student achievement.  Creating a common goal with the inclusion of stakeholders is not an easy task, nor do I take it lightly.  Fostering lifelong learners, empowering students to be critical thinkers that can compete in a global society, and supporting the reflective practices of teachers and staff are a part of how, along with my leadership, we can work together! I look forward to continuing to serve as a leader at Lincoln and being a meaningful part of children’s lives.

Take care,

Ms. Gordon

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