Kerri Druckmiller

About Whittier & Oak Park

Whittier is a K-5 elementary school that educates a little over 400 students annually. Oak Park borders Chicago along its western edge and is world-renowned for being the hometown of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and birthplace of writer Ernest Hemingway.

For our students, days in Oak Park are filled with having play dates with friends, soccer, t-ball, swimming, dancing, riding bikes or scooters, and taking art classes. Here, children play out front on the sidewalks and Block Parties are favorite times to gather with neighbors.

If you are curious about our multiage program, check out this multiage presentation we helped to create.        

About This Page

Soon, you'll be able to learn more about our curriculum and classroom here. Our students will collaborate with us to create posts that will provide an inside look into our classroom learning environments. We will also post individual work samples in order to illustrate students' personal learning journeys.