Key Terms

The district's Superintendent's Advisory Panel identified several key terms that serve as the foundation for the work the district is undertaking in conjunction with our vision. These terms include “positive learning environment,” “equitable,” “inclusive” and “focused on the whole child.”

From August 2016 through November 2016, the team drafted the definitions, and then refined them based on feedback provided by district faculty and staff members. Below are the current working definitions for each term. Community members are invited/encouraged to use the Let’s Talk feature on the district’s website to share their thoughts on these definitions. The district’s team will review the input it receives, and revise the definitions as necessary to ensure they continue to align with the work being undertaken to support student learning.

Positive Learning Environment: Is a place where all members of the school community are engaged in hands-on, real-word experiences and feel safe, empowered, supported and valued.

Equitable: Is the practice of beliefs and creation of systems that provide access and opportunities for all students in order to eliminate the predictability of outcomes associated with race, gender and socioeconomic status.

Inclusive: Is to provide equitable opportunities for access and promote active participation of all stakeholders in an accepting and supporting environment.

Focused on the Whole Child: Is the practice of supporting, measuring and celebrating all aspects of a student’s development (social/emotional, academic, physical, artistic expression) through caring and respectful relationships.