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Family-Teacher Conferences

District 97's Be a Learning Designer Team has created new web resource, Getting Ready for Family-Teacher Conferences, that we encourage you to explore ahead of Family-Teacher Conferences. We have created a brief set of questions for parents and guardians to consider as they are preparing for their meetings with teachers. To view the document, visit

Three Big Things

As a parent, you play an integral role in your student's academic and social development. The "Three Big Things" is a document that was developed to inform you of the top three things your student should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level. Click on the boxes below to access The "Three Big Things" for your student's grade level.

Big Three: Grades K-2
Los Tres Grandes: Grados K-2

Thumbnail top 3 things K-3 

Big Three: Grades 3-4
Los Tres Grandes: Grados 3-4

Thumbnail Top 3 things 3-4

Big Three: Grades 5-6
Los Tres Grandes: Grados 5-6

Thumbnail top 3 things 5-6

Big Three: Grades 7-8
Los Tres Grandes: Grados 7-8

Thumbnail top 3 things 7-8

This resource page will provide you with activities to support student learning at home and assist your child with accomplishing the "Three Big Things."

Eureka Math

Select a grade level from the menu below to access Eureka Math modules.

Connected Mathematics Project 3