January 2019


Grades 3-5      After completing their Dewey Decimal slides and presentation, we will begin our Dewey Decimal Challenge!  Students will apply their skills and do a Dewey search.

Grade 2 - Pebbles, Sand, and silt is the next topic for study.  We will be working on HOW to do research and report on our project with Doink.  There are some links listed so they can find additional information about pebbles, sand and silt.  We will also be using the databases.

Here is some information online about the unit.  Geology for kids.  Here is another space called OneGeology Kids

Kindergarten/Grade 1 - We are still exploring weather.  In December we made a small video on the book, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  This month will focus on elements of weather. 

Clip art of sun, clouds, storm, snow and rain