November 2017

Hours 7:45 - 3:00 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

           Wednesdays - 7:45 - 2:00

Kindergarten - We read, Nine ducks nine by Sarah Hayes and One duck stuck by Phyllis Root.  We practiced with group reading.  Last week, we read, Over in the meadow a counting rhyme by Louise Voce.

First grade - We practiced word and rhyming with, Over in the meadow a counting rhyme by Louise Voce.  The end of the story requires them to read the words, pictures and numbers to conclude the story.  Second grade practiced quoting and making sure to cite their source. They did a great job of logging in using our user name and password.  

In second grade, students were able to log in on their own and get to encyclopedia Britannica and locate information.  

Grades 3-4 After learning how to search Encyclopedia Britannica, we worked on website evaluation.  We used two websites to see if it met the guidelines to be trusted.  We also looked at website endings to explore how to know if they can trust the site for good information.  Mrs. Winston helped students to determine if the website was real or fake.  

Grade 5 is researching the great depression.  They will write their paper in MLA style.  We looked at two websites to determine if they can just trust the internet.  We also had an opportunity to look at a few pages from a newspaper from 1933.  Here students are using an app to compare 1933 prices to what they would be in 2017.