September 2019

We began our year with  returning to our life cycle project from spring 2019.   We were kindergarten and first grade.  Now we are first and second grade.  We planted seeds in the spring and over the summer wonderful things happened!  When school started, we went back outside to see the results. 


 Spring 2019







                    Fall 2019



 SPACE is the frontier!  We will be concentrating on rockets and how to get something off the ground and into the air this year.  Grades 3-5 began with a refresher in finding the research page, and joining google classroom and we checked out books.  The links below will help with our project this year.

NASA Kids Club
Want to build a rocket? Have at it -- and plenty of other space-related projects and activities -- with the NASA Kids Club.

We will have a great time learning about our planets and other things about space!