Summer 2019


SUMMER READING!  Don't forget to join the summer reading program at Oak Park Public Library!  They have a great program!


K-1 - Started working on some Tech skills.  Address bar, using two tabs, mouse vs. touch screen, curser and how to find the arrow.  We practiced with Aracademic Skill Builders and Interactives.  PBS kids was the lead in for kindergarten and finding the home space on a website.  We also had to learn how to scroll using the arrow keys.


Grade 2 We learned how to use two tabs and we studied under National Geographics to learn more about the United States.  We used our second tab to learn where the states are located with Bureau of Labor Statistics and name that state.  This week, we played Kahoot! and we challenged ourselves with a Kahoot! quiz.  

Here are some more Summer Educational Fun spots from:

     American Association of School Librarians - Grades 3-5 We have been working on citing our sources and research.  This project is the roller coaster.  The goal is to research and cite all the coasters in their project and making the roller coaster work.

Design success with Potential energy!

Here are some more STEM websites for kids.


NASA Kids Club
Want to build a rocket? Have at it -- and plenty of other space-related projects and activities -- with the NASA Kids Club.