May and June


There are some days in May that we should recognize.  Remember to read about holidays from around the world.  Enjoy the summer, but do not forget to read and investigate.  You are a major part of history.  What can you do to make a difference? Read about it and learn.

Even the smallest things can help.  Be beautiful like the caterpillar.  Reading will help take you there.  Read to change. Read to adapt. Read and become a butterfly.  Enjoy your summer!  Here are some things to start you off!

In May, we celebrate - Cinco de Mayo.

It is also, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 

We also get to observe Jewish American Heritage Month

Memorial Day-PBS is the final holiday in May.  We honor our military.


Cinco de Mayo: women performing a traditional Mexican dance at a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Los Angeles, 2002. Image. Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 8 Feb. 2020. Accessed 1 May. 2020.

NASA Kids Club
Want to build a rocket? Have at it -- and plenty of other space-related projects and activities -- with the NASA Kids Club.

We will have a great time learning about our planets and other things about space!


about our planets