November 2019

 It was a long month, but we managed to do a little keyboarding with kindergarten.  We used key words, we used the address bar, we used the space bar, we learned where the arrow keys are located and our vocabulary word – scroll. We worked with reading our letters on the keyboard.  We worked together to help our classmates.  We used the key words:  pbs kids, abc zoo type, typing rocket jr.


We learned how to share information to help.  If you want to see where we practiced, just click on the key words above.


Did we remember ALL???? NO. BUT…we did learn some keys, we did learn how to be a helpful library student, and we learned patience and we learned confidence.  We began our journey to be a life long learner.



1stgrade learned some of the story elements.  We will be working on putting those story elements into production.


2nd grade started the collaboration unit of Sand Silt Rocks and Pebbles.  If they are searching for rocks, it is a part of our research study.  All rocks should be contained in a ziploc bag.



3-5 We have been working on story elements via: Cinderella Interactives, and google slides. We used Makebeliefscomix to interpret genres and the story elements.  We also saved our comix to photos, used our email address, and worked on editing our work.


NASA Kids Club
Want to build a rocket? Have at it -- and plenty of other space-related projects and activities -- with the NASA Kids Club.

We will have a great time learning about our planets and other things about space!

    about our planets