Snowman surfing in January                           Happy New Year

Welcome back to the year 2020!    We start the year off with Chinese New Year!  January 25th begins Chinese New Year and 2020 is the

  year of the rat.  Learn more about Chinese New year from Encyclopedia Britannica!  

Hanging lanterns





Kindergarten did a great job reading at the end of December.  We will try again to bring our work to life with DoInk.

Smines City Takes charge

Grade one will move into weather and studying weather. We will read and research.  Weather reports are coming!

Grade two will work on a few minutes of keyboarding each week.  

Grades 3-5  Our topic is still rockets.  We have moved into shared documets and beginning our research paper.  Now, we are in project mode and documenting how our creation is being built. 

Grades 5 has been working  with the awesome Oak Park Education Foundation and LEGO MINDSTORMS!   

On the move with Lego Mindstorms                          









NASA Kids Club
Want to build a rocket? Have at it -- and plenty of other space-related projects and activities -- with the NASA Kids Club.

We will have a great time learning about our planets and other things about space!


about our planets