District 97 Board of Education Approves Increase in Pay Rate for Substitutes

During its meeting on Oct. 23, the District 97 Board of Education unanimously approved an increase in the daily rate of pay for people who hold credentials to substitute teach in the state of Illinois. The rate, which will go from $103 to $110 and take effect immediately, will apply to people with the appropriate credentials who work as substitute teachers or substitute teaching assistants in our schools. Meanwhile, anyone who only possesses substitute teaching assistant credentials (i.e., an Illinois paraprofessional license) will continue to receive the rate of pay that the board approved in January 2018 ($45 for a half day or $90 for a full day).

You can access additional information about the requirements and process for becoming a substitute teacher or substitute teaching assistant by visiting http://www.op97.org/hr/substitutes. Please note that the application process we use for filling full-time teaching positions is different than the one we use for filling substitute positions.  If you are only interested in serving as a substitute, you should follow the process that is spelled out on the web page that is accessible via the link above. However, if you decide to apply for both full-time and substitute positions, please know that the process for full-time positions has additional steps and will require more time to complete.