About Your School Board

The Oak Park Elementary School District 97 Board of Education has seven members. Each member is elected from the village at large and serves a term of four years. Board members work in partnership with the superintendent’s administrative team to set the district’s direction.

As the corporate entity charged by law with governing a school district, each board sits in trust for its entire community. The obligation to govern effectively imposes some fundamental duties on the board:

  1. The Board Clarifies the District Purpose.
    The board's primary task is to define, articulate and, when necessary, re-define the district's purpose based on critical factors such as student learning and organizational effectiveness.
  2. The Board Connects With the Community.
    The board engages in an ongoing two-way conversation with the entire community. This conversation enables the board to hear and understand the community's educational aspirations and desires, to serve effectively as an advocate for district improvement and to inform the community of the district's performance.
  3. The Board Employs a Superintendent.
    The board employs and evaluates one person - the superintendent - and holds that person accountable for district performance and compliance with written board policy.
  4. The Board Delegates Authority.
    The board delegates authority to the superintendent to manage the district and provide leadership for the staff. Such authority is communicated through written board policies that designate district ends and define operating parameters.
  5. The Board Monitors Performance.
    The board constantly monitors progress toward district ends and compliance with written board policies using data as the basis for assessment.
  6. The Board Takes Responsibility For Itself.
    The board takes full responsibility for board activity and behavior – the work it chooses to do and how it chooses to do the work. Individual board members are obligated to express their opinions and respect others' opinions; however, board members understand the importance of the board ultimately speaking with one clear voice.

Communications with board members are public records of the district and may be subject to disclosure under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.