District 97 Board Approves Research Partnership to Support Equity Initiatives

During its April 21 meeting, the District 97 Board of Education approved an agreement with Hanover Research Council LLC to support the commitments outlined in the district’s equity policy. The partnership will begin May 1, 2020, and will give the district the capability to:

  • Design and implement assessment frameworks that are data-driven and establish indicators of success for initiatives that are grounded in research and best practices.
  • Develop a public-facing assessment framework, consistent with the equity policy, that describes key indicators of progress, articulates why they were chosen, and presents them in a manner that enables stakeholders to understand their significance and the significance of the district’s performance with respect to these indicators over time.

The research agreement approved by the board also includes an additional research advisor and the option for on-site focus group facilitation. These services will include custom projects to address issues related to equity and achievement and will support the board’s desire to prioritize research, data and assessment.

To learn more about District’s 97 equity policy, initiatives and progress, please visit www.op97.org/equity.