Update Regarding Special Education Planning for 2020-21 School Year

The following message was sent on Monday, July 13, to all families who receive Special Education services from District 97.

Good Morning Families,

I am sure you have heard or seen by now, District 97 has presented a  plan to return to school with a blended or hybrid learning model. A blended/ hybrid plan has most students attending school in-person for two days and receiving remote instruction for the other three days. Students with IEPs will have access to in-person instruction for all four days that students are on campus. We offer this knowing that remote learning was particularly challenging for many of our students. Yet, we also recognize that special education services a wide range of students and needs. If you prefer to have your student only attend the two days of instruction, please know there will be a process for you to leverage that preference.  

Right now the specifics for how the four days will be spent is still being worked through. Please know that I will keep you informed every step of the way.  I also welcome your input and help in executing plans for the blended/hybrid learning environment. Before knowing what learning environment would be implemented for SY21, a group of special education parents and staff met for a few weeks to look at all three learning environments (on-site, blended/hybrid, & remote) to start planning for the following four areas with a special education focus:  District Calendar and Schedule Options, Safety, Learning Models, and Social-Emotional Wellness. Now that we know we will be in a blended/hybrid learning environment, our work must continue. We will consider the recommendations made by the group as noted in the presentation (see attached) and begin our planning. If you would like to join this initiative, our first meeting will be Monday, July 20, at 6:30 p.m. This is the time typically reserved for our Special Education Parent Support Group Meetings.  While our first meeting will be scheduled at this time, we will probably need to break into smaller groups and meet at other times.  I hope that you consider joining us!

Yours in partnership,

Donna Middleton
Senior Director of Student Services

Special Education Parent Planning Meeting for 2020-21