Making MyD97 Better Award: Sheryl Marinier

In December 2019, we introduced our new "Making MyD97 Better" Award, which recognizes staff, students, parents and community members who are making District 97 a better place for all.

We are proud to announce our "Making MyD97 Better" winner for April 2021—Sheryl Marinier, executive assistant to the superintendent and secretary to the board of education.

Sheryl officially retired April 30 after 13 years of dedicated service to District 97. During her time in Oak Park, she served three superintendents, managing the day-to-day operations of the office with professionalism, grace and her signature sunny disposition.

In her role as board secretary, Sheryl has played a vital role in supporting the District 97 Board of Education with its essential functions, including scheduling, agenda-setting, maintaining accurate records, ensuring compliance with district policies and state laws, coordinating board member trainings, and facilitating communication between the board and the public.

Sheryl's central office colleagues will most miss her creativity, positive attitude and her warm, generous spirit. We want to thank Sheryl for all she has done to make District 97 a better place, and wish her the very best in her retirement!