Longfellow Student-Artist Illustrates Care and Compassion

Longfellow Student-Artist Illustrates Care and Compassion

A third-grader at Longfellow Elementary School, Linnea Busbey is soft-spoken and careful with her words, which like her art, reflect a depth and wisdom beyond her years.

Standing next to one of her drawings, Linnea points to a vibrant, multi-colored line curving around five faces with differing expressions. The texture of the line changes as it moves around each face, going from wavy and jagged to smooth and fuzzy. 

The words “Women Have Feelings” are written in black crayon across the top.

Wearing a bright yellow shirt and pale pink leggings, Linnea lights up when asked about art class with Ms. Raia, a class she loves because “you can let your inside be on the outside.”

Her drawing was made as part of a lesson on how small details and colors can show a range of emotions in art and served as a precursor to a more in-depth self-portrait project.  

Jenny Raia, who has taught art at Longfellow for nearly 20 years, was so affected by Linnea’s deep thinking and “unique approach” that she shared a photo of the drawing with her elementary art teacher community.  

“I was also struck by her composition and the way her rainbow line weaves through the faces lending a sense of movement and harmony to the drawing,” Raia said. 

Her colleagues loved the drawing and the message resonated–many of them asking for posters and t-shirts of the print. Raia reached out to Linnea’s mom about the possibility of putting her daughter’s art out in the world. 

Now, through a collaboration with Megan Lee Designs, Linnea’s drawing will be available on t-shirts, hoodies and posters through Oct. 15. Linnea hopes that people who see her drawing will be reminded that “women are important too.” 

Linnea is also asking that a portion of each sale go to Sarah's Inn–an Oak Park agency for survivors of domestic violence. Click here to contribute >> https://www.meganleedesigns.com/collections/feelings