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K-5 Literacy Update: D97 Educators Select Pilot ELA Resources for 2024-25

District 97 is dedicated to ensuring that every student is in love with literacy and able to read, write, speak and listen at grade level. Throughout this school year, we’ve provided the community with periodic updates about our approach to literacy and how we’re engaging our staff and families in our curriculum review process (CLICK HERE to read more).

A key part of our work is the belief in collective teacher efficacy—when our teachers work together as a team, their combined expertise makes a bigger impact on student learning. This year, the district’s K-5 English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Committee has been leading the way in our literacy efforts. The committee, a partnership between the Core Instruction Team and over 30 teachers from across the district, has worked collaboratively throughout the year to enhance literacy instruction and positively influence student learning.

Over the past few months, the committee reviewed more than 15 English language arts resources for Grades K-5,  which were recommended by administrators, teachers and families. The committee is excited to announce that the following three K-5 ELA resources were selected to pilot during the 2024-2025 school year at Beye, Hatch, Irving, Whittier and select classrooms at Holmes, Lincoln, Longfellow, and Mann:

HMH Into Reading/Arriba la Lectura
Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)/Caminos

You can learn more about the resources and selection process by viewing our May 14 presentation to the District 97 Board of Education: Recording | Slides

District 97 is looking forward to piloting the three resources and gathering data from staff, students, and families throughout the process. This data will inform the recommendation of an ELA resource for adoption by the board of education in April 2024.

K-5 English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Committee

Core Instruction Departmentn
Jennifer Logan - Pre-K - 5 Curriculum Coordinator
Dr. Tawanda Lawrence - Senior Director of Teaching and Learning
Patrick Robinson - Assistant Superintendent of Elementary School
ELA Curriculum Committee Members
Brooks Feeder Schools
ELA Curriculum Committee Members
Julian Feeder Schools
Erica Childress - Hatch
Jennifer Jones - Hatch
Jackie DiNatale - Hatch
Hannah Gallup - Hatch
Andy Righeimer - Hatch
Ruth Barker - Lincoln
Catina Burries - Lincoln
Rachel Wheatley - Lincoln
Courtney Tyler - Lincoln
Laura Meglan - Lincoln
Juan Carlos Domecq - Lincoln 
Don Shanahan - Lincoln
Ellen Corcoran - Holmes
Katie Keuler - Holmes
Taylor Kula - Whittier 
Caroline Baker - Whittier 
Meghan Dorka - Whittier/Irving
Rebecca Torres - EC Whittier
Megan Chambers - Beye
Mandy vonBokern - Beye
Sarah Adduci - Beye
Jessica Milburn - Beye
Jane Sheth - Beye
Betsy Parkinson - Irving
Kara Sakellaris - Irving
Fran Sbarbaro - Irving
Shehara Brinson - Irving
Annie Planek - Irving 
Julia Stenger - Irving 
Lori Pelling - Irving
Bianca Taylor - Longfellow
Sheila Schrems - Longfellow
Katie Egner - PKP Longfellow
John Bagley - Mann
Jen Buckley - Mann
Michelle Bolis - Mann
Karolyn Miller - Mann