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D97 Staff Come Together to Support Brooks and Julian Middle Schools

Hopeful. Re-energized. Forward thinking. Supported. Valued. Committed. Motivated. Necessary. Interconnected.

These were some of the words used by staff members from Brooks and Julian middle schools to describe what they were feeling after a June 5 planning session aimed at enhancing the culture and climate of District 97 middle schools and ensuring a successful start to the 2024-25 school year.

Who Participated

The June 5 meeting brought together a diverse group of nearly 70 educators and staff from Brooks and Julian middle schools. Participants included district and middle school administrators, teachers, teaching assistants and hallway monitors.

A Unified Approach to Middle School Behavior Expectations

The goal of the planning session was to create alignment and clarity in social, emotional, and behavioral support systems across both middle schools. Practitioners were given the space to share their expertise, establish priorities and collaborate on an action plan.

Based on feedback from middle school staff and families, the session focused on five key areas of behavior expectations: cell phones, bathroom/hallway, lunch and social time, IDs, and lockers.

For each topic, staff worked in subgroups to review the district’s current policies and procedures, and then developed an action plan to support staff and students with effective and consistent implementation at both schools.

What's Next

The June 5 session marked an important first step in ensuring that our middle schools provide a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for all students. It was a positive, empowering day for this group of educators, whose collaborative efforts on the first day of summer demonstrate our shared commitment to improving the experience of every middle-schooler in District 97.

Work will continue over the summer to finalize the action plans and communicate expectations ahead of the 2024-25 school year. A full update on our progress will be shared during the next District 97 Board of Education meeting on June 11.