Our Mission

Department Technology Theory of Action

If we maintain a secure district-wide network/infrastructure, equipment and systems with 99.5% uptime, then the use of leveraging technology for the learning success of students and staff focused on the ISTE standards and 4C’s framework, will be ubiquitous.

Streamline Technology Resources

As we continue to collaborate with each department on new systems and programs that require network and technology resources we strive to streamline the new resources in a way that makes systems integrate for more efficient use.  This work during the 2017-2018 school year will be to integrate the SchoolMessenger system with our phone and mass notification system Informacast, as an example for District 97 to have specific communication and planning centralized for specific security events.  This important work will directly impact the use of communication tools on a regular basis that will assist in clearly and proactively communicating to our staff, students and families.

Professional Learning Plans

Through ongoing collaboration with the building administrative staff and building leaders, which will include reviewing various forms of data (Instructional Learning walk, BrightBytes survey results), we will plan out professional learning needs for the building as it relates to leveraging instructional technology for instruction.  This work will directly support the district’s pillar #1 of providing equitable access to rigorous, responsive instruction, through providing professional learning opportunities for staff that will lead to them providing opportunities for students to direct their own learning.  This work will also support staff in their work with students to work with other students on cognitively demanding, culturally, socially relevant real world tasks that require students to engage in discussion, questioning, exploration, research, make decisions and communicate their findings.  

Improve Student and Staff Experience with Instructional Technology

For our staff and students to be successful, they need to have the high leverage resources to support their learning.  Our work this year will be centered around providing these resources that have a high potential impact on instructional practices, student learning and school culture.  This will include providing equitable access for all of our students and staff to the pertinent resources (for example, Internet access for all). Our team will continue to work to provide the access to resources for all of students and staff in a way that they can access whenever they need and in a way that will be support them, with one goal of empowering our students and staff to be more successful in the use of instructional technology resources.  

Network and Data Security

The implementation of a three year network and data security plan will begin this year following our district audit during the 2016-2017 school year.  As we continue to leverage more and more online and instructional technology resources we will build upon our work to ensure our staff and student safety through these instructional technology resources.  Through this work we will be implementing consistent, accountable mechanisms that provide direct access for staff and students for the implementation of core instructional resources/tools that impact student learning.  With our focus on ensuring network reliability and efficiencies, but in a manner that does not jeopardize any student and staff security.