Technology Update 2018-19 School Year Update

Student Device Deployment Schedule (grades three to eight only)
Similar to last year, the technology department will handle the deployment of student devices for all 10 of our schools. Below is the scheduled distribution date for each building.

  • Monday, August 27 - Julian

  • Tuesday, August 28 - Brooks

  • Wednesday, August 29 - Beye

  • Wednesday, August 29 - Hatch

  • Wednesday, August 29 - Holmes

  • Thursday, August 30 - Lincoln

  • Thursday, August 30 - Irving

  • Friday, August 31 - Mann

  • Friday, August 31 - Whittier

  • Friday, August 31 - Longfellow

Internet Filtering Outside of District
We will continue using Securly this year to help us manage our Cloud-based filtering to all student devices when they are being used outside of the district’s network. This means that students will need their Google username and password to access the Internet or any Internet-based app when using their district device on a non-district network. For example, if students need to work in Google docs via a wifi connection while outside the district, they will need to go to Safari first. From there, they will be prompted to login to Securly (one of the with their Google username and password. They will need to type in their entire email address, including the Once they do this, they will be able to use Safari or any Internet-based apps on that network on a daily basis. Each day, they will need to login again through Safari to regain access to the network. They will also need to complete the login process if they switch at any point to another non-district network. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our continued use of Securly this year will also include the introduction/launch of the Securly Parent Portal, which we piloted with help of a few families during the past two years. You can access more information about the Parent Portal by visiting Please fill out the form found at if you are interested in using the Securly Parent Portal. 

Canvas and PowerSchool Guides for Parent Accounts (Middle School Parent(s)/Guardian(s))

Please click on the following link to access helpful guides to create parent/guardian accounts.

Policies, Procedures and Protocols
Please review the district’s acceptable use policy and the procedures and protocols associated with creating accounts for students.