Lea(R)n Platform for Middle School

Lea(R)n Platform for Middle School

Dear Middle School Families,

The District 97 Technology Department has been exploring ways to gather usage data on the EdTech tools used in the district in a way that will efficiently and effectively bring the information to one place. Thanks to a partnership with Lea(R)n, District 97 is providing a tool to our staff to not only gather data to identify the usage of resources, but to identify the effectiveness and fidelity of the tools for student learning. In order to accomplish this, the technology department will be pushing out the Lea(R)n Platform Chrome extension to all middle school devices on Thursday, January 31. This will not change anything on the student and/or family side.

This tool comes with a few other features that District 97 will begin using, including a library of resources. In the past, online tools would be posted to the technology webpage (http://www.op97.org/ilearn97) after they were vetted by the department from a privacy and security standpoint and reviewed by the teaching and learning department for their connection to instruction. This page would be accessible during the registration process and throughout the year to identify which resources have been approved by the district for student use (including accounts). Now the district has compiled this resource in the LearnPlatform for a more user-friendly library. To access this database, please visit: op97.app.learnplatform.com/new/public.

Finally, this tool will provide our district with data to make decisions on the impact they are having on student success, which will assist our district to make more informed decisions to renew or discontinue use of particular online tools.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Arensdorff at [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support of our schools and the students we serve.



Michael Arensdorff

Senior Director of Technology

LearnPlatform is a research-backed, online edtech management system that combines verified educator reviews of a searchable product library of more than 5,000 tools with multiple data sources to help educators make informed decisions when they try, buy, use and measure education technology. Join Oak Park School District 97’s LearnPlatform today at: https://op97.app.learnplatform.com/community.