Technology Update for 2019-20 School Year

From Michael Arensdorff,
Senior Director of Technology for District 97:

iLearn 1:1 Deployment Schedule (grades three to eight only)

Similar to last year, the technology department will handle the deployment/distribution of student devices for all 10 of our buildings. Below is the schedule that has been reviewed and approved by all of the building principals.

  • Tuesday, September 3 - Julian - all day
  • Wednesday, September 4 - Brooks - all day
  • Thursday, September 5 - Beye - AM
  • Thursday, September 5 - Holmes - AM
  • Thursday, September 5 - Hatch - PM
  • Thursday, September 5 - Lincoln - PM
  • Friday, September 6 - Irving - AM
  • Friday, September 6 - Mann - AM
  • Friday, September 6 - Whittier - PM
  • Friday, September 6 - Longfellow - PM

iLearn Bootcamp Sessions

Attached are two folders containing information for elementary and middle school boot camp sessions (accessible from building staff) that correspond with the deployment/distribution schedule above and have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. These sessions will build upon those we have held in recent years regarding digital citizenship, care and purpose of the technology, exploration of technology and acceptable use activity.  

While our plan is to distribute the student devices during the first full week of school, students will only receive their devices if they complete and turn in the AUP form online during registration (K-2 form & 3-8 form). We will work with the building office staff on the distribution of devices to students who turn their forms in after the deadline.

Partnership with Oak Park Public Library

Our access to the databases that are managed by the Oak Park Public Library (OPPL) will be managed in the same way in 2019-20 as they were in 2017-18 and 2018-19. All students, faculty and staff who want to use the databases must have a library card that is issued by the Oak Park Public Library. Both the card number and a PIN number will need to be entered whenever people utilize this resource. Here is a link to information from the OPPL regarding all of the services and resources that will be available to our students via these databases.

We are partnering with OPPL on the creation and distribution of library cards for students who want/need them. As part of this process, we asked families via InfoSnap to let us know if they wanted us to provide OPPL with information that could be used to create library cards for their children, if they already had a card or if they chose not to share their information. We have already signed a data sharing agreement and sent over the names of nearly 1,100 students whose families requested assistance with the creation of library cards. We will provide the OPPL with any additional card requests that we receive from our families. Once the cards are ready, OPPL will deliver them to me, and I will get them to each building. I anticipate this will happen in the next few weeks.

District Acceptable Use Policy and Reminder of App/Program Practice

This year we have included the acceptable use policy parent/family sign off during the registration process and will not be sending forms home. The technology department will work with the building office staff to get a complete export of the data in this field from PowerSchool/Infosnap. Only students that have parent(s)/families that have agreed to this will have accounts created and device distributed on the device distribution day. Students in grades three through eight will not receive their district-issued devices if their parent(s)/guardian(s) did not agree to the district AUP terms during registration, which can be accessed by clicking here. We also cannot create any new student accounts until we have confirmation that these forms have been returned in accordance with the law, more specifically FERPA and COPPA.  

Internet Filtering Outside of District

With the addition of Securly, students will now need their Google username and password to access the Internet or any Internet-based app when using their district device on a non-district network. For example, if students need to work in Google docs via a wifi connection while outside the district, they will need to go to Safari first. From there, they will be prompted to login to Securly with their Google username and password. They will need to type in their entire email address, including the Once they do this, they will be able to use Safari or any Internet-based apps on that network on a daily basis. Each day, they will need to login again through Safari to regain access to the network. They will also need to complete the login process if they switch at any point to another non-district network. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

This year will be the third year we have offered the Securly Parent Portal to families. We have piloted with a handful of families over the last two years and received positive feedback. Here is a link to more information about the Parent Portal. If you are interested in using the Securly Parent Portal, please complete this form. More information to come to staff and families in the coming weeks.

Policies, Procedures and Protocols

Please review the district’s acceptable use policy and the procedures and protocols associated with creating accounts for students.