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District 97 Vision

Oak Park Elementary School District 97 will create a positive learning environment for all students that is equitable, inclusive and focused on the whole child.

ISBE Designation – Julian Middle School

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) School Report Cards and Designations have been released. Many of you know that we received a designation of "Underperforming" last year at this time. I am happy to say that the efforts we have put forth over the last year has resulted in Julian receiving a “Commendable” designation.

The efforts that we have collectively put in place for our students is paying off. Some of these include the implementation of our School Improvement Plan, the teacher/student mentoring program, advisory Olympics, strengthening relationships with our students, team building activities, sound pedagogy by our teachers, holding students accountable to do their best work, small group instruction and student choice, differentiating to meet a wide range of learner needs, WIN and Academic Support classes, the 6th Grade IB Approaches to Learning class, Title I tutoring, and many others. Thanks to the Julian staff for the hard work they put into supporting our students.

Please click here to read more information from our district about the ISBE designations.


IB Community Project Fundraiser

Yesterday’s IB Community Project Fundraising Event was a huge success! Three groups of students put their projects into motion by participating in this school-wide fundraising event. The 8th grade students advertised their projects to the student body by going to classes, putting up posters, and using social media. These groups of students raised a total of $350. Students not only raised money for their worthy causes, but they also showcased their knowledge and presentation skills! 

The organizations students fundraised for were: 

  • The Amazon Conservation Team
  • Defender of Wildlife
  • National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI)

Margaret Moyer and Sophia Jozefczyk’s group raised the most money for their organization, Defenders of Wildlife. Ava Konecki and Pierce Cleaveland earned the most “thumbs up” tickets for their organization, NAMI. “Thumbs up” tickets were given out by teachers for the group’s knowledge about their cause and overall presentation set-up. Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and thank you to everyone that participated!


Student Voice Committee

Our Student Voice Committee met for the first time this week!  Students shared a lot of really good ideas about how they can represent and gather information from their peers for creating a stronger community culture and improve our school.  Ms. DeBruin and Ms. Harris are super excited about the ideas they’ve already come up with.  They will be working in Canvas to communicate between meetings.  Thank you to our students!  We are off to a GREAT start!


8th Grade Graduation Date

Saturday, June 6 from 10:00 am - 11:30 am at Oak Park and River Forest High School

Graduation rehearsal - Friday, June 5 from 12:15 pm - 2:00 pm

The last day of school for 8th grade students is Friday, June 5


Attendance Matters

Please reference this document as a guide to help determine whether or not your student is healthy enough to come school. Our goal is for all students to be in attendance for 95% or more of our school days during the year.


CAST is pleased to present our Festival of Theatre!!!!

Friday, Nov. 8 at 7:30   Not Fit to Print is the story of an idealistic, all American journalism student named Ida Perry.  She has been offered a prestigious internship at her school, but also has to pay her own way through college. The only part time job she can find is working for the cheesy/sleazy Metro Inquirer, probably the most scandalous newspaper in history. But, never underestimate the power of a bright girl caught between a rock and a hard place!  

Saturday, Nov. 9 at 7:30  Soup du Jour focuses on a mystery at Bailey's restaurant, one of New York City's top dining establishments.  It's 1939 and ace reporter, Katharine Hawks is sent undercover to work as a waitress in order to solve the mystery.  Lightning fast dialogue in the Tracy-Hepburn tradition and a great plot are the delicious ingredients of this delightful tribute to 1930s screwball comedies.

Sunday, Nov. 10 at 7:30 Haymarket Eight is set in the 1880s and showcases the unfair and dangerous work conditions that sparked labor struggles and intense riots in Chicago.  The Haymarket Riot and subsequent trial was the focus on the nation. The infamous bombing at a labor rally forces a reporter to investigate the wrongfully convicted bombers.  The lives of eight men hang in the balance and this reporter puts his life on the line to try and clear their names. 

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.  Tickets will be available at the door or can be purchased online.   Purchase tickets here!  


Illinois 5Essentials Survey

We are administering the Illinois 5Essentials Survey again this year to certified staff and parents/guardians from all 10 of our schools, as well as students in grades four through eight. The parent/guardian survey is available now, and the staff and student surveys will open on Dec. 10. Please click here to learn how parents/guardians can participate in this important endeavor  and click here to access the parent/guardian version of the survey. Please note that school-level reports will only be generated if at least 20 percent of our parents/guardians complete the survey, which can be accessed until Feb. 14, 2020.


Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee

There will be a meeting on Saturday, November 16 held by the D97 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee. Click here for more details.



Flu is a serious illness. The BEST way to prevent flu for you and your child is to do the following:

  • Encourage hand washing
  • Keeping your child home if they have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea 
  • Get a flu shot

For more information:


Feel free to contact your School Nurse if you have additional questions


Mindful Middle Schoolers Partnership with DePaul University

DePaul University, in partnership with the Oak Park Township Community Mental Health Board and District 97, plan to offer a series of community talks with the Brooks/Julian middle school communities during the 2019-2020 school year as part of The Mindful Middle Schoolers Program. All are welcome (parents/guardians, school staff, students and community members).

Click here for a list of upcoming talks. We plan to offer these again in the spring in case you are unable to attend these dates.


Upcoming Events:

Thanksgiving Break - November 27-29 / No School for Students



Dr. Todd Fitzgerald

Principal, Julian Middle School



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