Library Policies

The Whittier Library Media Center serves all students in Whittier's early childhood through fifth grade classes. We aim to instill a love of reading and to provide the necessary skills to effectively use and evaluate information. Students are encouraged to think critically and work collaboratively to solve their information needs.

We welcome parents and community members who would like to become involved in the library media program! Volunteers are always needed to help with students and books. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer one hour or so per week!

Hours:  7:45am daily

Students may come in independently throughout the day with permission from their teachers or with their class during their scheduled time.

The library is also open after school for homework help and reading from 3-4 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Students must sign in and out for this program.


All students are allowed and encouraged to check out books and other library materials during their scheduled library time or throughout the school day.

Early childhood students
Students may check out ONE book per visit.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade
Students may check out TWO books per visit.

3rd - 5th grade
Students may check out THREE books per visit.

All students may check out books for a two-week period. If you would like to renew the book after that period, please ask Mrs. Conley to see if anyone else is waiting for it.

Overdue, lost or damaged books

If a book is overdue, lost or damaged, the student will not be permitted to check out until he or she has returned the book or paid to replace it. Please contact us with special circumstances.

Computer Access

There are a limited number of computers in the library available for student use. Students are welcome to use these computers for research, word processing, and other tasks when a class is not in the library. Before using the computers, fourth and fifth grade students must have an Internet Permissions Contract read and signed by a guardian and the student. This form outlines the district requirements for proper internet and computer use.

Birthday Books

In honor of your child's birthday, you may make a donation to the library which will be used to adopt a new book for the Whittier Library Media Center.  Your child will choose a new book from the Birthday Book cart, which will be labeled with a nameplate with your child's name.  Your child will be the first person to take the book home and after that, it will be part of the library collection.  Your donation (made out to the Whittier PTO) is tax deductible.  Please contact us if you would like to participate.  Many thanks to the Whittier PTO for running this fantastic program!

District Policies