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      This is to provide you a place where you can visit to learn all of the important information about what is going on in our classroom and at school. This website will keep you informed of the events and learning activities for the 2018-2019 school year. If you every need to contact me please send an email or leave a message at the Whittier office and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Looking forward to a very successful and productive year.

May 10, 2019

Dear Families,

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to you all. Enjoy the time with your families!!! Here are a few things that I could not get in the newsletter. We are having quite a few students not doing their Math homework daily (Thursday 7 students were missing homework). I know it is busy, but even one page is better than not doing it at all. I know everyone is tired of homework, but I can't stop it now or students will think we are close to the end and we still have a month left. So I would appreciate whatever you can do to keep it up. Two more weeks for Spelling.  Thank you!!


We have a field trip in two weeks. The permission slip went home today with the details. If you are interested in chaperoning let me know next week.

Here is the newsletter.       Newsletter 5.10.19

Take care,




May 3, 2019

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! We are working hard in Room 214. It is hard to believe that there is about 21 days left of school. We still have lots of learning to do and the class overall is doing great coming to learn. For this punch card (behavior goals) we are earning indiviual or small group teaching time. Students have the opportunity to teach the class about a topic or skill that they feel passionate about. Some of the topics we have had over the years are drawing, dance moves, chess strategies, soccer skills, teaching a new game, and sharing tips on how to do well on a video game. This lesson does not have to be elaborate or expensive, it is really for fun. It is also optional. I will check in with the students to see who is interested and then assign days and times in the next couple of weeks. A few students are in jeporady of not being able to do this due to some poor behavior choices in the classroom. I hope that these silly behaviors will get turned around to be able to participate.


The Book Report project is due in two weeks. Hopefully the book has been read and the written form is complete. Please have a conversation on what creative assignment would be a good fit for the book, genre and child. There is a nice variety in the directions. If the student thinks of his/her own idea just check in with me. Try to get started sooner than later so there is plenty of time to get it done. The Friday we do our presentations we will have a small breakfast and sit back and learn about some fun topics that people have learned about. It will be a wonderful celebration finishing up the last project of third grade!


On Monday, June 3 we have our 2nd & 3rd grade End of the Year picnic at Taylor Park from 9:45-2:00. We will need help with supervision on this day. Please try to stop by for a short time to help watch over our students. Whatever works for you would be great. It is always a better day when everyone is safe and having fun. Thanks so much for considering it.


Have a great weekend!




April 29, 2019

Dear Families,

Here is the newsletter that I sent out on Friday. Spelling words are attached to the Assignment page. Have a GREAT week.

Nancy .              Newsletter 4.26.19



April 21, 2019

Dear Families, 

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Thank you all for the kind words for my son, he is healing nicely and is breathing better. :) Here are a few reminders and updates.

Tomorrow the field trip permission slip and money is due, please send that in if this applies to you. This Friday, April 26 we will be leaving at 9:15, chaperones be at Whittier at 8:55. Please have you son or daughter bring a disposable lunch and drink to school. We will be back around 2:00. Looking forward to our adventure together!


Book Reports are under way. We have a nice variety of genres across the class. I am very impressed with the selections. Students were asked to read their book report books this weekend. Tomorrow I will send home the written form that matches the genre.  I will also attach the forms on the Assignment page if you need another one for final copy or these can be typed too.


This week Mrs. Madsen's students are doing their annual Charity sale. Here is some information about it. The class and I will be going on Wednesday afternoon. Please have your child bring money if interested. 


Room 302's Annual Charity Sale

Next week on April 24th and April 25th, Mrs. Madsen's students will host their annual charity sale. Students have been working hard to create a variety of handmade crafts.  The price range is $.50 to $3.00.  Some of the items will be fuzzems, tooth pillows, rainbow loom bracelets, bookworms and Edward Toulane buttons.  This year's charities are The World Wildlife Federation and Northwestern Memorial Foundation targeting breast cancer research.  Classroom teachers will sign up for a time.  Thank you for supporting our 16th annual sale. 

Mrs. Madsen's Students

Have a good week!


April 11, 2019

Dear Families,

I am sending the newsletter today. I will be out tomorrow due to mt son having surgery on his broken nose. I want to make sure this gets to you and I don't forget. I will be back Monday. Have a great weekend.

Nancy                                          Newsletter 4.12.19


March 22, 2019

Dear Families,

Happy Spring Break. Enjoy your time with your families! Here is the newsletter I promised you I would send today.

Nancy                                            Newsletter 3.22.19



March 1, 2019


Dear Families,

Happy Weekend! We had a productive week. I have attached a newsletter for you to read and catch up with what we are working on in our classroom. 

Have a great weekend!!

Nancy .                                          Newsletter 3.1.19



February 21, 2019


Dear Families,

Happy Almost Friday! I decided to write tonight instead of sending this to you tomorrow. The class has done a phenomenal job on their Country Projects and presentations this week. I am so proud of the growth I have seen in their work and their confidence speaking in front of the class. Thank you again for helping with all of this. Please be sure to ask your child what he or she has learned from each other.


Today I handed back their Mid-module 4 Assessment (Area) to discuss grades and effort. The majority of the students earned Meets or Exceeds on the Assessment but I still have a few that are struggling with giving me their full focus and best effort consistently on Math Assessments. Where I am finding points being missed is on explanation and labeling their work. It really isn’t about not understanding the concepts it is about explaining the thinking and making it clear what the answer is for the problem. The students that received an N or a P on the test had the choice to bring it home and fix their mistakes. Please check in with your child and see if this is something that needs to be addressed tonight. If the student doesn’t return the assessment back to me the grade will stay the same. I am hoping that the students will show me that they can and want to do better and follow through with doing the corrections.  I hope this is helpful.


We did finalize the IAR testing dates and times for 3rd grade. We will be testing Monday, March 11 through Wednesday, March 13. We will have a test in the morning and afternoon on Monday and Tuesday and one on Wednesday afternoon. There are two ELA tests and three Math tests. During the testing days, we will have no homework. If you have any questions you can reach out to the school and/or go online and look under the Illinois Assessment of Readiness. Students will need headphones for this test. Please send them in as soon as possible. Thank you!  


We started a new online math program this week called Prodigy. I have only heard great things about it from colleagues. I know some students had a hard time getting on at home. I did give some students their Google accounts information. Others just went on their home devices and it work on there. Sorry for the confusion for all of that. Students can work on it for 30 minutes a night if you have the time, but I do understand limiting screen time so please use your discretion with whatever works for you. They should not be on for hours. J


I am so excited that the students will have no homework (besides read) this weekend. Enjoy the freedom. It is well deserved.

Enjoy your night and weekend!



                                 Newsletter 2.15.19


February 8, 2019


Dear Families,

Happy Friday! I have finished conferences! Thank you for coming and including your son or daughter in on the conversation. I enjoyed talking with everyone.


Today students chose their day for the Country presentation the Week of February 18. I reminded them to bring in all of their assignments on that day. Also, practicing presenting at home will help with delivering the facts much smoother. Thank you for your assistance with this.


There are papers coming home today that are from the 1st Trimester. We cleaned out our Portfolios.


Homework this weekend is to wrap up the written part of the Country project, to decide on which Creative assignment goes well with the facts written down and the how much time your child has to work on this. Please make sure all of what needs to be done is manageable for your child.


There will be no Spelling next week due to the short week. Valentine’s Day Party is the last hour on Thursday. The list of names went home on Monday. Thank you again for those who are helping out.


Have a great weekend and stay warm!!




January 26, 2019

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is doing well. Just a few things about the upcoming week. We are going to dissect Owl pellets on Monday and the Crayfish have been ordered and should be here the following week. We will start our new unit this week. I did share the Community evaluations with the students this week. I will also share them with you at conferences.

Next week we will have a Martin Luther King assignment that I will give out Monday and the Thank you card is due Friday. I did go over it yesterday in case anyone wanted to get started this weekend. The students will have to include facts about MLK that they have researched this past week in their card. The students that were interested in getting started this weekend have the directions in their Take Home folder.

There will be no Spelling this week due to Conferences and the half days on Thursday and Friday. This would be a great opportunity for your child to get some of the research finished for the written portion for the Country project. We have four weeks left of the project. Please let me know if you are any questions at our conferences. I hope everyone at this point has a solid child friendly book on their country. You can also use online resources.

The conference schedule has been sent out. If something comes up and you need to change your time let me know. The office will have the schedule too if needed Wednesday or Thursday.

I look forward to our conversation with you and your child.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stay warm,


January 11, 2019

Dear Families,

I am sure your third graders are a bit on the tired side. We have had a very productive week!

I have a few things to share. Next Friday we are going to share our Non-fiction books with our peers in a Writing celebration. We have been working on these books for weeks. I have a few students that are struggling with getting things done in class therefore they will need to work on their final copy this weekend. The final copy can be rewritten on paper or done in Book Creator. I do have a few that enjoy working on it so much that they chose to bring their writing home to add more to the book. Please check in with your child to see if he/she needs some time to work on it this weekend. Thank you for your assistance with this.

The schedule for next week is a busy one. We will talk about the Country project on Tuesday and pick countries on Friday. We have MAP testing Tuesday morning (reading) and Friday afternoon (math). Our Community Share is going to be Thursday, January 17 right after lunch from 12:15-1:45. If you can stop by and see the Communities they have built from recycle materials that would be great. If not I will take pictures and share these with the email group.

Thanks to everyone for getting back to me in a timely manner about a conference time. If you have not set one up please reach out to me about times available. You should have gotten a confirmation by paper or email with the day and time of your conference. If you did not please ask. I will also send a reminder in the next week or two.

"Message from Principal Robinson 

First, thank you to everyone that has reached out with your concerns regarding the current third-grade class size. I appreciated your feedback. Please know we have closely monitored this concern since the beginning of the school year and have had discussions regarding a solution that is best for our young scholars for the following school year with all appropriate stakeholders.

I will continue to keep all third-grade families updated as we begin to finalize logistical details for next year. It is my goal to ensure every child at Whittier is placed in a safe and positive learning environment that is conducive to their educational success.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions via email, [email protected].

Thank you,

Patrick "  

I hope you enjoy your weekend and have time to relax.


December 14, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Friday and one more week before Winter Break! We are still working hard. Remember next Friday is the Secret Buddy Grab bag gift. Let me know if there are any issues. I have attached the newsletter for this week. The Spirit Week schedule is in there so please read it before Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Nancy                                     Newsletter 12.14.18

December 7, 2018

Dear Families,

We have had a busy day today. We really enjoyed the ballet, The Nutcracker. Be sure to ask your child what the story was about and all about the beautiful dancing, scenery and costumes.

The Secret Buddy Grab Bag name should be in your child's backpack with ideas. I do have a list of who has who if forgotten.

Report cards went home today. We did spend time going over what the Standards meant and where the grades came from. I am hoping your child can explain some of the things that he/she learned today through that conversation. Please sign the envelope and send it back next week.

Next week we will have Spelling, the following week we will not. You can start sending in Recyclable materials next Thursday and Friday. Thank you for your help with this.

Have a relaxing and restful weekend.


November 30, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! Here is the newsletter and a small blurb about Trick or Treat for UNICEF below.

Just so you know I did pass back Biographies and evaluations today. I talked about how hard they worked and how proud I am of their efforts. They all did an outstanding job! Please be sure to take a look at my comments. I tried to include what they did well as well as what they can work on for the next project. Way to go TEAM!

Also please remember permission slip and money for the Ballet is due Thursday. Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend!

Nancy                                                    Newsletter 11.30.18

Trick or Treat for UNICEF!

Thanks to those who participated in Trick or Treat for UNICEF! We collected a total of $292.40.  This money will provide therapeutic food for 584 malnourished children or 146 bars of soap to help kids stay clean and healthy or 58 backpacks for school.  Every little bit makes a difference and your support  is appreciated!!

November 16, 2018

Dear Families,

The class did an amazing job with their presentations! I am very proud of how prepared they were sharing their facts about their person. We still have 7 children left to present on Monday. Thanks to those that chose to wait. Again thank you for your support on this project. Enjoy the homework free weekend. It is well deserved.

We have earned our Read-a-thon for Tuesday! Students can bring a blanket/sleeping bag, pillow, small stuffed animal, fun "healthy" snack and lots of reading materials appropriate for school. It will be a nice relaxing day before the break.

Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Safe travels to anyone leaving town.


November 12, 2018

Newsletter 11.9.18

November 2, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Weekend!! Your student should be nice and tired today. We had Math and Reading assessments as well as our Spelling test. Due to our field trip and Halloween this week all of these assessments fell on today. I was extremely proud of of how hard they all worked and tried to do their best.

Thanks for all the great discussions during Conferences. I enjoyed talking to you about your child. One of the things I discussed in most conferences was helping your child choose challenging books. Today Ms. Conley did a book talk to the class and I saw some great challenging books getting checked out by most students. Be sure to ask your child what he/she chose to read. They were pretty excited.

We do have homework this weekend. All student should work on taking their notes and making them into detailed facts. I would like to look over rough drafts any day next week except Tuesday (Institiute Day) and Friday (Doctor appointment). Please send it in and I will return it back the same day. Remember the due date for the Biography Fact Report is Friday, November 16.

There will be no Spelling next week due to the shorten week. My newsletter will go out next Friday. 

Thanks to those who were able to do Trick or Treat for UNICEF this past week. If you can send the boxes on Monday that would be appreciated.

Have a restful weekend.


October 19, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Weekend! Homework this weekend is to read the Biography book and take notes. This will be our task for the next week. During the Week of October 29 I will go over how to take the notes and put them into detailed sentences and organize the facts. Then on the Week of November 5 I will ask every student to bring in a rough draft finished or not to check in and see how the progress is going. Everyone seems very excited about their person (half the battle right there). We have quite the collection of people from artists, musicians, activists, inventors and pioneers. I am super excited to learn what everyone is discovering. Thanks in advance for assisting with this project.

There will be no Spelling next week due to the shorten week. Also please send in Field trip permission slips and money if you have not already done so. Thank you!!

Below is the newsletter for this week. Enjoy your weekend!

Nancy                                Newsletter 10.19.18

October 12, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Fun Run Day, Friday and First Day of Winter! Inspite of the drizzle that fell on us today we accomplished our many laps during our Fun Run time. Thank you all for coming out and supporting and cheering us on. The students loved it. 

This weekend students do have a little homework for their Biographies. If they have a book just to start reading. If they don't have a book to try to find one. Everyone has picked their person with the exception of a few. Those few should tell me on Monday please. Next week I will give them some handouts to help them with organizaion. The list of questions will get them started with reading for a purpose and the taking notes sheet will help them keep common facts together. I will also model what taking notes look like. They are very enthusiastic group and seem eager to get started. So cool!

I did select my chaperones for the field trip to the Morton Arboritum on Tuesday, October 30. Thank you to all that offered. Ms. Betsy Hart and Ms. Jana Propop will be joining us. 

Pumpkin Fest is right around the corner. Here is a blurb from the committee: 

October 29th and 30th! Bring your real carved, decorated, dressed, or painted, pumpkin to the front lobby before school on the 29th or 30th. Be creative as possible! The pumpkins will be entered under one of four categories and then judged by Whittier staff on the 30th.

Please contact Heidi Gawne ([email protected]) or Laurie Conley ([email protected]) if you have any questions!

The spelling words for next week will be attached today.

Here is the list of families that signed up for our Halloween Party. Thanks so much in advanced.

Treats: Rice- Goldfish, Hickok-Fletcher- sweet treat, Lopez- veggies, Munoz- pretzels, Petraitis- fruit

Drinks: Yesufu-water

Other items: Bell- Plates .    Whitehead-napkins

Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm.


October 5, 2018

Dear Families,

We have been working hard here in Room 214. Lots of great things being learned, explored and discussed. We have set two new goals for our Punch cards. The class decided on Follow directions the FIRST time and Ignore peoople who distract you. I am always amazed at how spot on they are about what we need to improve on as a whole. I am also proud when we had a rough day on Wednesday (got a W on the class punch card) and how they turned it around and had two GREAT days to end our week. Way to go TEAM!

This coming Wednesday I am going to go over our Biography Fact Report directions with class and then have a special library time to check out Biographies. Can you please have a discussion with your child about who she/he might be interested in learning more about? This person can be an artist, inventor, singer, actor, president, athlete, etc. I just ask that the person be someone he/she doesn't know well and pick a few so we can have a variety of people to learn about from one another. Thank you!

There will be no Spelling next week due to the short week.

Enjoy your three-day weekend. Below is our newsletter that will update you on with all things 3rd grade and Whittier.

Nancy                                          Newsletter 10.5.18

September 20, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy Almost Friday! We are working hard here in Room 214. Thank you for your help with getting the Spelling activities in today. I still have a few that need to bring some in tomorrow. Our test will be first thing in the morning. Library is tomorrow, have your child bring back books. 

I will be out tomorrow afternoon due to another college visit. We were in Kansas City last weekend and loved it. This weekend it is up in the UP at Marquette, Michigan. I am looking forward to "fall like" weather. I am attaching the newsletter today so you have it. Students will also be bringing home class work in their Take Home folder. You can keep all the papers that come home. 

Spelling list for next week is attached to the Assignment page which is above on the left side of this page.

Have a great weekend!                        Newsletter 9.21.18


September 8, 2018

Dear Families,

Welcome to my Teacher page! I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. Your child should of been tired yesterday. They all worked hard this week and on the MAP test yesterday. I know I was tired! Our Reading MAP test will on Wednesday afternoon. I had to change it from Thursday. 

I will be out a few days in the near future due to some college visits for my son that is a senior at the high school. Hopefully the class will do well without me and do what needs to get done. I have faith in them! We just finished our first punch card and the class earned a Homework pass for working together as a team and trying their best all the time. I will talk about both items on Wednesday at Curriculum Night. If you can't make the evening let me know and I will send home the handouts. I can bet your child will be able to fill you in with the necessary information. :)  You will also be signing up for conferences that night so bring your calendars. 

If you are not seeing the Assignment notebook daily and/or filled out with the Take Home Folder can you please let me know. Students should be coming home with both and whatever they need for their homework. We want to develop good organization skills right away and I can help with getting this to become a habit if needed.

Here are our Specials schedule to help students remember the day to wear gym shoes and bring in their library books.

Monday: P.E., Spanish     Tuesday: Music      Wednesday: Art       Thursday: Spanish & Music       Friday: Library

I have enjoyed getting to know your children and am looking forward to having an AMAZING year! 

See you all soon,

Nancy                                   Newsletter 8.31.18

Whittier Calendar

MAY 20

Music Concert - Grades K, 3, 4

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
MAY 21

Music Concert - Grades 1, 2, 5

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
MAY 23

Memorial Day Tribute

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM