Beye School Green Team

Beye’s Green Team creates opportunities within our school to reduce waste of all kinds (solid waste, energy, water, etc.). By reducing waste, we can also reduce Beye’s operational costs and optimize the ecological efficiency and environmental soundness of the school facility. We develop green programs aimed at building awareness and support throughout the Beye community.

Green Club – Outdoor Explorers: This club for eco-conscious fourth- and fifth-graders is led by Beye school parent volunteers who are passionate about the environment. Meetings take place during lunch hours and after school, and lead to the development and execution of various green initiatives throughout the year.

Zero Waste Lunchroom: We strive for a zero waste lunchroom all year long. Parent volunteers rotate shifts throughout the school year to help students sort their lunch waste each day. Lunch waste is sorted into recycling, compost and landfill bins, thus minimizing waste and ensuring that our bins remain uncontaminated. Students who bring their lunch are always encouraged to use washable/reusable containers, cloth napkins, silverware and refillable water bottles. This practice is highlighted via monthly Waste-Free Wednesdays during which students earn a hand stamp with their waste-free lunch. For students who might not already have reusable lunchbox items, many often show up as prizes and giveaways during Earth Month events. Our lunchroom uses reusable trays and silverware. For more information, please contact Ana Garcia Doyle at [email protected].

PreserveWare: Green Team procures and lends durable, washable, reusable plates, cups and silverware for use at classroom parties and events. By eliminating the need to repeatedly purchase paper plates and cups, PreserveWare saves room parents and teachers money, while reducing waste throughout the school. If you are a room parent in need of a set of PreserveWare for use in your classroom, please contact Ana Garcia Doyle at [email protected].

April Is Earth Month: The celebration includes a green-themed poster contest, lunchtime recycled and eco-themed art activities, and participation in the Oak Park Village Earth Festival. For more information, please contact Ana Garcia Doyle at [email protected].