Holmes School Chess Club

The Holmes School Chess Club consists of two groups:  Intermediate, and Advanced. Both groups focus on developing respect, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and learning new Chess strategies. To participate in the advanced group, students are required to try out unless he or she is a returning member of the group. Intermediate and Advanced Chess starts in early October and goes through mid-April. 

Intermediate & Advanced

Any students, 1st through 5th graders, who have a serious interest in chess, are invited to join Chess Club. We expect Chess Club members to be motivated to develop their chess skills, to maintain regular attendance, and to be respectful toward adults and peers. If your child is a returning member of the Intermediate club and he/she would like to move up to the Advanced Club, they will have to qualify for that level through the try-outs. They are guaranteed at least a place in the Intermediate Club. Try-outs happen in mid-September and are offered on two different days. intermediate chess meets after school for one hour with Mrs. Circo. Those who qualify for the advanced group will meet after school with Mr. Grace. The advanced group will last an hour and a half and both groups will include a small snack and drink.

The first part of each class will include snacks and focus on instruction in chess strategies.  The second half will usually be practicing strategies through play.  The instructors will be advising players during their games to strengthen their use and understanding of chess strategies. At times, students will play independent competitive matches.

Some members of the Advanced Club will be competing in the district-wide chess tournament.  Student performance, respectful behavior, and attendance will determine rankings in the advanced group.  These rankings will eventually determine participation in the District Chess Tournament. Near the end of the year, the Intermediate and Advanced groups will also have separate in-school tournaments.

Carla Circo, Intermediate Chess Coach & GTD Teacher
Terry Grace, Advanced Chess Coach