District 97 Book Club: 'Whistling Vivaldi'

D97 book club posterDistrict 97 Families:

Please join us in reading our latest selection, "Whistling Vivaldi." Learn the myriad ways that threats to our identities exert a powerful stranglehold on our individual and collective psyche by reading this powerful text by Claude M. Steele. In it, he shares stories to describe his research on stereotype threat; and most importantly, he provides concrete interventions we can put in place to make a genuine difference in our schools.

After you pick up your book (or download it on your favorite reading device), please follow us on Twitter (@d97bookclub) so you won't miss the opportunity to discuss the book together on the dates below.  

As always, thank you for fighting for what's right!

Ch 1 (Nov. 12-20)
Ch 2 (Nov. 26-Dec. 3)
Ch 3 (Dec. 4-12)
Ch 4 (Dec. 13-Jan. 9)
Ch 5 (Jan. 10-15)
Ch 6 (Jan. 16-23)
Ch 7 (Jan. 24-Feb. 6)
Ch 8 (Feb. 7-14)
Ch 9 (Feb. 18-Mar. 5)
Ch 10 (Mar. 6-21)
Ch 11 (Apr. 1-2)