Welcome to Señora Jacoby's Spanish Website

¡¡¡ Hola a todos!!!

Bienvenidos al nuevo año escolar en la escuela Lincoln.

Welcome to the new school year at Lincoln school.

My name is Rocio Rojas Jacoby (señora Jacoby) and I am one of the two FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) Spanish teachers at Lincoln. I am very happy and excited about sharing this upcoming school year with you. I am originally from Peru, and I am eager to have the opportunity to share my culture and language with my students.

During FLES, students will be exposed to Spanish, not only the language but also the culture of various Spanish-speaking countries. During class, students will be encouraged, challenged and motivated to learn Spanish having a good time, playing games, singing songs, dancing, telling stories, having access to technology, and more. We are going to have a great year!


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Twitter: @spanishfunwsraj