• Read 20 minutes or 15-20 pages a night.

  • Stop to summarize after each page: Who are the characters? What is the setting? What are the problems? How would you describe the main character (traits, motivations, feelings)? 

  • Reflex Math, Kahn, or Zearn (app on Ipad) 


Weekly Learning Targets

MATH (Module 5; Fractions)


*I can place fractions on a number line with endpoints 0 and 1.

*I can place whole number fractions and fractions between whole numbers on a number line.

*I can use Reflex Math for fact fluency, Zearn for extra practice with the daily lessons, and Khan Academy for enrichment and challenge.

** Parent/guardian tips for the math modules are HERE (once you click on the link, scroll down to EUREKA MATH, click on third grade and then select the module you are interested in reviewing).


READING ( Animal Research)

*I can read non-fiction texts about a variety of animals.

*I can use a graphic organizer to take notes about animals that I am reading about.

*I can synthesize information from a variety of texts on the same topic.



*I can use my graphic organizer of notes to teach others about an animal of my choosing.

*I can choose a project idea to work on in order to show my understanding of an animal that I chose to research.

*I can present my project to my classmates in order to teach them about the animal that I became an expert on.



*I can complete a survey to share my opinion about the culture and climate of my school community. 



*I can use my iPad appropriately by only accessing apps and websites that I am directed to by my teacher.

*I can be a responsible digital citizen.


Specials Schedule:

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Spanish and Music

Wednesday: Gym (wear/bring gym shoes) 

Thursday:  Art

Friday: Spanish and Music


Daily Schedule

Daily Class Schedule

Recess and Lunch Schedule

Our morning recess break will take place at 10:25 AM. The afternoon/lunch recess will take place from 12:45-1:10 PM.

Students will eat lunch in the lunchroom. The third grade lunch period begins daily at 12:15 PM.  You can send your child to school with a lunch from home, but any lunch or snack items you send in must be NUT-FREE. NO NUTS are allowed in our classroom or school due to allergies. Thank you, in advance, for helping to keep all students safe.  School lunch options will also be available. HERE is a link to the lunch menu. 

Approved Snack List

Students will have the option to have a snack each day. Please adhere to the snack list and pack the snack separately from lunch.  Here are some recommended nut-free snacks: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, dried fruit, apple squeezers, fruit snacks, packaged popcorn, packaged pretzels, etc.



Instructions for editing work in Google Classroom:

Select posted assignment in Google Classroom.

Tap on PDF to open assignment.

Tap pencil in top right corner.

Use tools at the bottom of the screen to write on PDF.

DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR WORK (top right corner).

If you need to return to an assignment, tap on ‘Your Work’ at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the ‘Edited’ PDF. You will be able to access your previous work.

To turn in assignments, tap on ‘Your Work’ at the bottom of the screen and tap blue ‘Turn In’ button.



**Students should not be on YOU TUBE or searching items on GOOGLE on their school issued ipad. 

Google Junior

Sweet Search


Brittanica Elementary    (username: op97 password: learn)

Oak Park Public Library Research Resources

Mark Your Calendar!

Tuesday, April 25th - 3rd Grade General Music Concert (students arrive at 6:30, performance starts at 6:45)

Thursday, May 11th - 3rd - 5th Grade Talent Show (6:30 PM)

Friday, May 26th - Olympic Day (AM)

Monday, May 29th - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

Friday, June 2nd - 2nd and 3rd Grade Kindness Market (1:30 - 2:30 PM)

Friday, June 9th - Last Day of School!