Staff Parking Permits and Parking Guidelines

D97 Staff Parking Permits and Parking Guidelines

Elementary School Parking Lots: "District 97 Parking Permit" Red Decal

This is a red decal issued by District 97 that should be placed in the driver’s side rear window. This allows full-time staff to park in elementary school lots. These permits are available at the schools’ front offices for school-based staff.

Middle School and District Office Parking: Staff Permit Parking (SPP) Electronic Permit

This is an electronic permit issued by the Village of Oak Park that allows full-time middle school staff and District Office staff to park in Staff Permit Parking (SPP) designated spaces on school days for the time period listed on the signage. Please pay close attention to the signage when parking. If a ticket is issued, then the employee will be responsible for contesting their ticket or paying the ticket. Staff at Brooks, Julian, and the District Office should submit updated vehicle information as needed to their school's front office staff or to the Business Office to avoid being ticketed. Please note that vehicles that have unresolved citations are ineligible for this permit until their citations are paid.

  • Brooks Middle School:  The parking lot at Brooks Middle School provides SPP for District 97 staff between the hours of 7 am - 6 pm on school days. Brooks’ lot also provides spaces for overnight parking for area residents from 6 pm - 7 am Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Please adhere to the posted time restrictions to avoid being ticketed.
  • Julian Middle School and District Office Parking Lots: The parking lot at Julian Middle School (46A) and the spaces along the south side of the gym (46B) provide solely SPP parking. In addition, there are SPP parking options on the south side of Julian's field (46C), a small portion on the north side of the field (46F), and the northeast side of the building along Cuyler Avenue (46G). The time restrictions on these spaces is generally 7:30 am – 6 pm on school days. Please read the signage carefully.

Parking is particularly challenging in the area around Julian and the District Office. The Village recommends the following streets when attempting to secure parking in this area:

  • Adams Street (one block south of Madison between Lombard and Ridgeland).
  • 500 block of Highland Avenue or 500 block of Cuyler Avenue (just south of Madison).
  • Randolph Street (one block north of Washington) between Cuyler Avenue and Lombard.

Parking Accommodations and Special Events

Under limited circumstances, the Village may provide parking accommodations or a “blanket pass” to address parking needs during special events where more than 50 people are expected at one location. This allows people to park for longer than 2 hours in locations where signage limits parking to 2-4 hours in an area within 3 blocks of the event. It will not apply to posted restrictions related to metered, permitted, or private parking, or to regulations related to safety. These regulations include, but are not limited to, resident permit-only parking, private parking, parking meters, snow removal, fire hydrants, corner clearance, etc., all of which will continue to be enforced.

Please note that after two or more inches of snow accumulates, the Village’s Emergency Snow Removal Parking Plan goes into effect. Please visit their website for more information on these special parking rules. To determine if the Village is enforcing these rules, call the snow hotline at 708-358-SNOW (7669). 

Please contact District 97’s Business Office at 708-524-7625 if you have questions regarding parking permits and guidelines.