Lunch Programs

Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home or purchase a school lunch.  Our school lunch program includes a choice of a hot entree, a sandwich, a pizza kit, or a salad.  The menu is available on the district website under Food Service.  District 97 has partnered with MealTime on the launch of an online system that will allow parents/guardians to view their child's lunch transactions, history of meal purchases and account balances.  This will also allow parents to safely and securely deposit money into their child's account within a matter of minutes.  You can access additional information about this system, including how to set up automated low balance notifications by Accessing here.

It is our goal to provide a comfortable, relaxed and safe lunch hour for our children.  Our program's guidelines are as follows:

A bell rings three times through the lunch hour, beginning at 10:55, to allow each grade level equal time in the lunchroom

Students are to follow directions the first time, walk at all times, use quiet voices, clean up their area before leaving and stay in their seats until dismissed.  Parents will be notified if students are having a difficult time following these guidelines.

Lunchroom supervisors are responsible for maintaining a safe, pleasant environment.  Students are to respect all adults as well as other children.