Trumpet Demonstration - Ms. Vogt
The trumpet is a sparkling, high brass instrument. It generally plays the melody in band and jazz ensemble.

Euphonium Demonstration - Mrs. Rosenblum
The euphonium looks like a small tuba, but it sounds much like a trombone. It can do everything a trumpet can do, but one octave lower!

Trombone Demonstration - Mrs. Rosenblum
The trombone is instantly recognizable because of its slide. The trombone sounds full and brassy like the trumpet, but with a lower sound. Its versatility makes it popular in band, orchestra, and jazz ensemble.

Percussion Demonstration - Ms. Vogt (with some help from Ms. Korelc!)
There are many different percussion instruments, and good percussionists must learn them ALL!!! Students begin with the bells and gradually add skills on snare drum, timpani, and auxiliary percussion. Piano experience is recommended.


Brass & Percussion - Required Equipment:


  • Valve oil
  • Slide grease
  • Mouthpiece brush


  • Slid-o-Mix Rapid Comfort
  • Spray bottle
  • Slide grease
  • Mouthpiece brush


  • Valve oil
  • Slide grease
  • Mouthpiece brush

Percussion (Percussionists need ALL of the following)

  • Bells
  • Mallets (rubber head)
  • Bell tand
  • Backpack or carrying case

Snare Drum

  • Drum sticks (Vic Firth 2B)
  • Snare drum stand
  • Practice pad