Violin Demonstration - Mrs. Shannon The violin is the smallest instrument in the string family. It can play any way you feel: excited, peaceful, harsh, or funny.

Viola Demonstration - Ms. Korelc The viola looks like a slightly larger violin. It has a darker, deeper, and stronger sound

Cello Demonstration - Mrs. Shannon The cello is a deep-sounding solo and ensemble instrument. It has a beautiful, warm tone. Like all of the stringed instruments, the cello comes in various sizes to fit the player.

String Bass Demonstration - Mrs. Shannon The string, or double, bass is the the largest of the string instruments. It produces very low pitches and is used in orchestra, band, and jazz ensembles.

Strings: Required Equipment


  • Bow, rosined, workable, with full hair (No synthetic bow hair)
  • Workable pegs (No Caspari pegs)
  • Tapes on neck
  • Rosin (1 per instrument)
  • Stringvision Bow Grip*


  • Fine Tuners on all strings
  • Shoulder sponge
  • Extra E and A strings


  • Fine tuners on all strings
  • Shoulder sponge
  • Extra A and D strings


  • Strap for end pin
  • Extra A string


  • Rockstop
  • Intellitouch PT1 Tuner*

  *Recommended, not required