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Oak Park School District 97 • Instrumental Music Department
Private Lessons

In District 97, we encourage our students to seek private instruction on their instrument. It is particularly useful as students switch from small group lessons at the elementary level to full, daily ensemble practice at the middle schools. It is also an excellent way to bridge the summer before middle school.

Several private teachers in the west suburban area have joined together to compile a list for the convenience of local families looking for lessons. Although many of these teachers are known to our instrumental faculty, this list is NOT compiled by District 97, and these teachers are NOT vetted by us. 

OPRF Music Teachers List

Once you contact a teacher, please be a savvy consumer!

  • Ask for recommendations: other students or parents may have a good (or bad) experience to share and can answer some of your questions or concerns.
  • Look at qualifications: Ask the teacher for a resumé and about their playing experience.
  • Be involved with their assignments: A good teacher will expect regular practice for your child to succeed. Know how assignments are communicated, how to contact the teacher during the week if you have a question, and what you can do to help your student do their best.
  • Listen to what you child says: If your child is uncomfortable or their personality doesn’t mesh with a teacher, look around for a better fit.
  • Encourage regular practice: Enough said : )