Welcome to the Irving Library Web Page!

This page will give you some basic library information.  Please reach out to Ms. Noonan if you have any questions ([email protected]).  Thanks for stopping by!

Library Media Center

Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays    8:00am-2:30pm Wednesdays.

Students are welcome to come in anytime during the school day to return and check out books with the permission of their classroom teachers.  

Irving Library Mission

The primary goal of the Washington Irving Library is to create a love of reading in each student. In addition, we hope to encourage a curiosity for learning in all of our children through hands-on STEM opportunities. It is the goal of the library to give our students the tools they need to become information seekers, both now and in the future.

Book Check-Out

Students are able to check out books every week.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade
Students may check out 2 books each week.

3rd - 5th grade
Students may check out 3 books each week.

Students need to return books before they can check out new ones. Exceptions will be made in cases of classroom research or homework assignments. All books are due two weeks after they are checked out. But, the sooner you finish them the more books you will have the joy of reading!  If you need to keep a book longer than two weeks, please ask Ms. Noonan or Mrs. Loud to renew it.  

Birthday Books

Students have the opportunity to purchase a new book for the library on their birthday. Students will choose a book from our birthday book selection. A name plate will go in the front of the book with the child's name, and they will get to check out the book first. Then the book will become a special part of the Irving library collection! Books are $17. Forms will be sent home at the beginning of the year with information.

Lost/Damaged Books

If books are lost forever or damaged the student is responsible to pay for the book.  There are no late fees for overdue books.  So, keep looking for all those books!


Come hang out with us in the library! There are MANY volunteer opportunities in the Irving library. Shelving, check-out, taping, barcoding, cataloging...the list goes on and on! If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer any of your time, please contact Ms. Noonan!