Rainbow Tribe!

Julian's first LGBTQIA+ club for everyone!

  • Our goal is to make our school a safer, and more comfortable environment for everyone.  Click here for a pamphlet that details what we do at Rainbow Tribe!
  • Rainbow Tribe welcomes you if you want to:
    • help us discuss how to make our school a better place

    • share, listen to, and discuss personal experiences and events in a judgment free environment

  • Educate yourself about different types of people and how you can help everyone feel accepted.




Some working definitions to help in the process of understanding what it is like to be "on the spectrum:"

  • Lesbian- A woman or girl who is romantically attracted to other women/girls.
  • Gay- A term describing a man or boy who is romantically attracted to other men/boys.  
  • Bisexual- A term describing one who is romantically attracted to both males and females.
  • Transgender- A term describing a person whose gender identity is different from that which they are given at birth.
  • Queer- An umbrella term, it is used to describe anyone who does not identify as “straight” or “cisgendered” (gender that aligns with the one assigned at birth). However, over the years it has been used as a derogatory term, the consequence being that not everyone is comfortable using it, so be sure to check before referring to someone as “queer”.  
  • +  Everyone else! A plus means that everyone is welcome, whether you identify as LGBTQ, straight, cisgendered, or something entirely different. Rainbow tribe is safe place, where everyone can come seeking education, guidance, people to relate to, or just a space that is free from gossip and humility.  Our initials reflect a spirit of inclusiveness, but we stress that everyone is welcome at Rainbow Tribe!  If you want to make our school a better, safer, and greater place, you are welcome to be a part of the Tribe... Rainbow Tribe, that is!

Click here for more terms and definitions!  The more you know...  Not just an NBC PSA!

We look forward to seeing you when we start our Wednesday meetings in September in Mr. Kannan's room, B405!

Rainbow Tribe logo is an eagle holding a flag
I Am Gay
I Am Straight
I AM Lesbian
I am Bisexual
I am Transgendered

Dates & Details

Starts:  September

Time: Wednesday 3:30-4:30

Location: B405

Mr. Murawski and  Mr. Kannan,

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Sudents from Rainbow Tribe, specifically, Maya S., former Rainbow Triber, class of 2019!