Spoken Word

Sponsored by the Oak Park Education Foundation

Calling all aspiring poets and performers!

In this club, students will read, write, and perform poetry that reflects their unique voices and points of view. Additionally, students will have opportunities to connect with the larger world of Spoken Word –  at OPRF High School, across Chicago, and beyond –through mentorship, showcases, and competitions.

Spoken Word is a powerful and effective medium for fostering creativity and self-expression in young people.

In the club, students are invited to engage in reading, writing, editing, revising, and performing poems that reflect their own unique experiences, interests, and opinions. They then have opportunities to share their poetry in safe and supportive space.

Poets learn to collaborate creatively and to respond to each other’s work in a thoughtful and constructive manner. We bring in teaching artists to co-facilitate our club. We partner with Oak Park River Forest High School’s stellar Spoken Word program, and high school students mentor our middle school Spoken Word club members. 

We connect with the world of poetry by attending poetry events (open mics, readings, slams),  performing at various community locales, and hosting a culminating  Julian vs. Brooks slam.

More information can be found on our website:  https://www.opef.org/programs/spoken-word/.

Dates & Details


4-5:30 p.m.

Oak Park Art League

Cuts for Team, No cut for club

John Colucci & Mo Santiago