ASQ Online 

We ask all parents of incoming kindergarteners to complete the Ages & Stages Social-Emotional Questionnaire to help provide the district with a more complete picture of the child at the time of kindergarten entry. This 36-question survey will ask about your child's behavior with regard to self-regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people. It will also allow you to indicate any areas of concern you may have regarding your child.

If your child is between 54 and 72 months old today, you may complete the questionnaire online. The system will inform you if your child's age is outside the range for which the assessment is most valid. Should that be the case, we are still interested in collecting your insights about your child. When you bring your child for the Kindergarten Readiness Test, just ask for a paper copy of the questionnaire. You can complete it while your child is being assessed.