Kindergarten Readiness Screener

All new incoming District 97 kindergarten students will participate in a mandatory Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot screening. Through this screening, we will be able to effectively assess children’s skills and abilities prior to starting kindergarten, and be better equipped and prepared to meet their academic, social and emotional needs during the school year.

Each screening will last approximately 30 minutes. Please note that the purpose of this screening is to help us keep students on the path toward success—it does not affect your ability to enroll your child in the district’s kindergarten program.

The screenings are by appointment only. Parents will receive an email with a link to schedule an appointment once their student’s kindergarten registration has been approved. Appointments are limited and based on teacher availability. Parent’s may reschedule or cancel an appointment at any time.

In addition to bringing your child to the screening, we also ask that you complete the online Ages & Stages Questionnaire. It provides us with valuable information that we use to get to know each child better, assist with the transition from pre-school and aid our efforts to create balanced classrooms. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire can be accessed by visit

We look forward to working with you to help your child excel both in and out of the classroom.