In District 97, we utilize effective student behavior programs and strive to prevent problems by giving our students constructive direction and positive reinforcement.

Staff members carry out activities that support or reinforce positive student behavior on a daily basis. These activities indicate that genuine care and concern for the individual are important. They include, but are not limited to, giving awards for good citizenship, sending home congratulatory notes, making phone calls to parents/ guardians, conducting home visits, utilizing small group or class discussions to resolve problems, performing classroom visits, and creating and implementing intervention plans.

All efforts are made to work positively with our students. We believe that through positive measures, students will develop a feeling of self-worth that will promote appropriate behaviors.

ISBE Discipline Improvement Plan

In October of 2021, District 97 was recognized as being in the top 20% of school districts with racial disproportionality in exclusionary discipline. School districts and state authorized charter schools that are identified in the top 20% of this metric for three consecutive years are required to submit a plan identifying the strategies the school district will implement to reduce racial disproportionality in exclusionary discipline. CLICK HERE to view District 97's discipline improvement plan progress report (November 2022) >>