Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Biweekly Update for Mrs. Ryan's Class

5/13 - 6/6

This website will be updated weekly with specific information about skills and topics being covered i12n the core subject areas.  Please use this website as a tool to communicate with your child about their classroom studies.

Common Core State Standards in Kid-Friendly "I Can" Statements

MATH Learning Targets & Activities:

MODULE 7 - Geometry and Measurement

Students will take the Mid-Module 7 Assessment on Tuesday, 5/21.  A study guide will be completed in class on Monday, 5/22, in preparation for this test. 

  • I can use all four operations to solve problems involving perimeter and unknown measurements.
  • I can construct rectangles from a given number of unit squares and determine the perimeters.
  • I can recognize perimeter as an attribute of plane figures and distinguish between linear and area measures.
  • I can multiply and divide single digit numbers with speed and accuracy.
  • I can add and subtract within 1,000 with speed and accuracy.
  • I can show a variety of strategies to solve word problems.

At home please -

  • Have your child work on Zearn, the online complement to our math curriculum, up through our current lesson (zearn.org, class code: WQ3X7Y, User: FirstLast18, PW: Universal Password - on sticker inside cover of Assignment Notebook). 
  • Assist with (as needed) and review the daily (Monday - Thursday) assigned Homework pages (in the yellow book.)
  • Review the in-class Problem Set pages (in the yellow book) with your child.
  • Review/discuss graded Exit Tickets that go home.
  • Practice multiplication facts, and skip counting, daily.  Put a lot of focus on 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's facts.  Also, relate multiplication to division.
  • Look for examples of math, especially geometry and perimeter, in everyday life.


Learning Targets & Activities:

UNIT - Non Fiction Reading

I can understand and read compare and contrast texts.

  • I can use text evidence to determine main idea and describe cause and effect relationships between ideas and events.
  • I can determine meanings of words and phrases. 
  • I can use text features and search tools to locate information.
  • I can use photos and text to demonstrate understanding and explain text structure.

At home please

  • Encourage your child to read at home daily. The expectation is that students read for 20 minutes each day. 
  • Ask your child to tell you about what he/she learned during his/her research book club.
  • Ask your child what system he/she is using to take notes.
  • Ask your child about some of the non-fiction text that he/she has been reading.

UNIT - Writing and Adapting Fairy Tales

Students will complete a second twisted fairy tale and present them to the class.  After that, students will choose their favorite writing genre from this school year and start a new piece.

  • I can organize, revise, and eidt to produce clear and coherent writing.
  • I can use digital tools to produce and publish writing.
  • I can apply conventions of capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

At home please

  • Encourage your child to keep a journal in which he/she can write about anything at all.
  • Read fairy tales with your child and discuss changes that could be made in order to create an adaptation (ex: changes in setting, character, motivation).


Grammar and Spelling work will be embedded into our reading and writing workshops.

Ongoing Learning Targets & Activities:

  • I can correctly write and correct sentences for Pronoun-Verb agreement.
  • I can write the correct possessive pronouns in sentences.
  • I can use my resources to spell and define words that I encounter in my reading and writing.
  • I can use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in my writing.
  • I can identify, and correct, grammatical errors in written work.
  • I can use proper grammar when speaking.
  • Students will complete work in their "Daily Language Review" books, which include daily practice with identifying spelling errors, correcting sentences that include capitalization and punctuation errors, finding and correcting grammatical errors, understanding analogies, using context clues to determine the meanings of unknown words, etc.

At home -

  • Always encourage your child to double-check his/her written work for proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Encourage, and correct, proper grammar usage when your child is speaking.


Science / Social Studies:

Science Unit - Motion and Matter

We will be researching the following focus questions over the next several weeks:

  • What rules help predict where a rolling cup will end up?
  • What happens to the motion of a twirly bird when the design changes?
  • What is the best design for a top?



Second Step:

Second Step is our social-emotional learning curriculum that is taught every Wednesday morning and infused into instruction throughout the week.

Learning Targets & Activities:

  • I can recall the problem solving steps.
  • I can identify and state a problem
  • I can identify blaming language.
  • I can propose several solutions to a problem.
  • I can determine if solutions are safe and respectful.
  • I can explore the positive and negative consequences to solutions to problems.

Home Connection and Reinforcement Suggestions for this week

  • I can solve classroom problems. 
  • I can solve peer exclusion problems.
  • I can deal with negative peer pressure.

The Home Links below do not need to be returned to school. They are simply a resource for you to use to promote discussions about what your child is learning at school.  Not every week has a Home link. These are arranged with the most recent home link at the top of the list.

Class Calendar

  • Monday, August 26th - New Family Information Night, 6:00 PM. (location TBD)
  • Wednesday, August 28th - First Day of School!
  • Wednesday, September 4th - PTO General Membership Meeting, 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday, September 3rd - Curriculum Night
  • Friday, September 6th - Back to School Picnic, 5:30 PM
  • Thursday, September 19th - Picture Day