Note: This page will be added to throughout the year to contain more detailed information about the units we are currently studying.


Unit one of reading is called We are Readers. In unit one we learn that we can look, think, and read the world around us. We learn that reading means using the pictures as well as the words to make sense of what we see. 

Unit one and a half is called Emergent Reading and focuses on looking closely at books we're familiar with. At this point we are practicing text skills including following words across a page from top to bottom and left to right. We also look for words we know and practice saying the right number of words to match what's on the page.

Unit two of reading is called Super Powers. As super readers in training we learn to use pointer power, reread power, partner power, snap word power, picture power, sound power, persistence power, and book talk power. By getting stronger at these super powers we begin to read more conventionally (reading the words) and become more confident as readers.

Unit three of reading is called Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles.

Unit fourth of reading is called Becoming Avid Readers.


Unit one of writing is called Launching the Writing Workshop and focuses on building up our writing routines and mindset.

Unit one and a half of writing is called Show and Tell: From Lables to Patterns and focuses on adding more words to our writing.

Unit two of writing is called Writing for Readers and focuses on narrative writing.

Unit three of writing is called How-To Books and focuses on informative writing.

Unit four of writing is called Persuasive Writing of All Kinds and focuses on opinion writing.


Unit one of of phonics is called Making Friends with Letters.

Unit two of phonics is called Word Scientists.

Unit three of phonics is called Word-Part Power.

Unit four of phonics is called Vowel Power.

Unit five of phonics is called Playing with Phonics.


The first module of math is called Numbers to 10 and focuses on numbers from 0-10 including number identification, counting with 1 to 1 correspondence, and finding one more and one less than a given number.

The second module of math is called Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Shapes and focuses on naming shapes, sorting shapes, and describing the attributes of shapes. The shapes we focus on are sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, square, rectangle, circle, triangle, rhombus, and hexagon.

The third module of math is called Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity and Numbers to 10.

The fourth module of math is called Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10.

The fifth module of math is called Numbers 10-20 and Counting to 100.

The sixth module of math is called Analyzing, Comparing, and Composing Shapes.


Our first unit of science is called Trees and Weather and focuses on making observations related to our environment.

Our second science unit is called Materials and Motion.

Out third science unit is called Animals Two By Two.