Longfellow School 

Leanne Scaro - Enrichment Specialist




Kindergarten and 1st Grade Services 

Arnetta Thompson will be working with Longfellow and Lincoln School this year. She will be pushing into Kindergarten and 1st grade for whole group enrichment. Please reach out to her with questions regarding k-1 services. [email protected]


Critical Thinking Skills - Push In Services Grade 3

All students in grade 3 will receive CTS enrichment once a week. The enrichment specialist will push into all 3rd grade classrooms and collaborate with the classroom teacher for whole group instruction. CTS whole group push in is being phased in for grades 3-5 over the next 2 years. 


Critical Thinking Skills - Pull Out Services - Grades 4-5 

Qualifying students receive direct services. The Enrichment Specialist resource teacher works directly with qualified students by providing enrichment in the area of Critical Thinking Skills.  In class, students will read: chapter books, novels or guided reading books; complete logic puzzles and mysteries, and complete various enrichment activities.  CTS pull out services are being phased out over the next year. 


Math Enrichment - Grades 2-5

  • Push In Services - The Enrichment Specialist pushes into every classroom once a week to provide whole group enrichment and/or small group activities.