Longfellow School

Gifted, Talented and Differentiation Program




Updated – 2018-2019 School Year


Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Services


The GTD resource teacher pushes into every k-1 classroom once a week for a 6-week rotation and 2nd grade classrooms every week. During this time, the GTD teacher will be working with the classroom teacher to provide enrichment activities to whole class and/or small group instruction.

Students are not formally identified for services until 3rd grade. The GTD resource teacher pushes into classrooms and provides differentiation resources and support to classroom teachers. Each grade level has a plan of differentiated services in math and/or reading.


  • Path to Math - Math Differentiation - Grade 2 - Teachers re-group amongst each other based on classroom data, student performance and MAP data.  These groups are based on skills. 


  • Passport to Reading - Reading Differentiation – Kindergarten Grades 1 and 2 - The reading specialists and classroom teachers form fluid and flexible groups based on data. MAP data is included starting in 2nd grade.


Reading Enrichment - Grades 3-5 - Pull Out Services

Qualifying students receive direct services during the school wide Passport to Reading program. The GTD resource teacher works directly with students by providing enrichment in the area of reading and teaching a portion of the school wide balanced literacy program.  In class, students will read: chapter books, novels or guided reading books; complete logic puzzles and mysteries, and complete various enrichment activities.  The GTD resource teacher will teach a portion of the balanced literacy program and performance in class will be reflected in the overall reading grade on the report card. Progress reports will be sent out and performance in class will be reflected in student's literacy grades on the report card.


Differentiated Math Services – Grades 3-4

  • Push In Services - The GTD teacher pushes into every classroom once a week to provide whole group enrichment and/or small group activities.
  • Pull Out Services - The classroom teachers form fluid and flexible groups based on data including pre-assessments for an additional enrichment class. The GTD meets with this enrichment group twice per week.



Accelerated Math - Grade 5 - Final year

Qualifying students receive above grade level instruction. Accelerated math in the primary grades is being phased out across the entire district.