Trimester 3 Assessment, Grading, and Report Cards Update

In District 97, our priority continues to be the safety and health of our students, staff and families. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to continue to learn. Much thought has been given to how we will assess student learning remotely, the grading system we will implement, and how report cards will be distributed.

As we lean into our equity imperative in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that not all students are experiencing remote learning in the same way.  Based on guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), we have developed grading guidelines for Trimester 3 that support students’ social-emotional health during this time. As such, we have shifted the Trimester 3 reporting to a Progressing or No Grade model to record student participation and academic progress for grades K-8 during remote learning.

Score Description
Progressing The student participated in the remote learning process and demonstrated academic progress on the identified critical standards. The teacher engaged with the student/family.
No Grade The student could not or did not complete the work. The teacher and/or administrator documented attempts to make contact, and/or support the student.

Note:  If a student could not or did not participate during the remote learning period, a No Grade mark will be provided to indicate that learning did not continue during their time away from school. A No Grade mark does not suggest the student’s performance during Trimester 3 resulted in an “Unsatisfactory (U)” or “Not Yet (N).” Students who receive a No Grade mark will advance to their next grade level and will be provided an opportunity to make up content once in-person school attendance resumes.

Below are general guidelines District 97 will follow at all grade levels for Trimester 3 reporting.

  • Now that schools are closed for the remainder of the year, it is important that teachers gather evidence of student learning around the Critical Standards identified for Trimester 3 remote learning in order to accurately report on student progress at the end of the school year. We encourage students and families, when possible, to submit assignments and participate in learning opportunities during the remote learning period to allow teachers to make an informed decision about student learning and growth.
  • Teachers will provide regular, descriptive feedback to students throughout remote learning. Additionally, students will be provided multiple opportunities to redo, makeup, or try again to complete, show progress, or attempt to complete assignments.
  • When assessing student work during remote learning, teachers will demonstrate understanding and sensitivity to the uniqueness of our current situation.
  • The Progressing or No Grade model will be implemented based on assignments and activities that reflect the identified Critical Standards and objectives for the following subject areas:
    • Elementary - Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
    • Middle School - All Subject Areas
  • Reporting student progress of the Critical Standards on the District 97 report card will account for participation, effort, and growth on lessons and assignments designed to reinforce previous learning and advance key concepts in the curriculum.
  • All District 97 report cards will be emailed to families during the week of June 8, 2020.

Thank you for your support, patience, and desire to assist our efforts. Together we will get through these times and our students will continue to grow as learners.