District 97 to Host 'Physically Distant: Socially Connected' Art Show

District 97 Art Teachers are pleased to announce a district-wide, end-of-year art show called "Physically Distant: Socially Connected." This is going to be FUN!

It's been so wonderful to watch our students create artwork despite our current limitations. Art class has always been a safe space to be social, learn about artists, express ideas and emotions, and experience new artforms.  Our students often collaborate in the classroom as they develop their artistic process and make connections, which is an important part of being an artist.  

Since being home, sharing our art and process outside of the family unit has been extremely limited. The "Physically Distant: Socially Connected" art show will give us an opportunity to share the creativity and inventiveness District 97 students have been presenting in their work while we have been apart.  

Teachers will not officially assign the final art show project to students until May 26. However, we want to give you time to plan, prepare, and begin creating if you should need it. Here is the presentation. If nothing else, just look at all the great examples to get the creative juices flowing.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Choose Art
    • Choose existing art and display as is or edit
    • 2. Create a new piece of art
  • Choose Display (there will be three levels)
    • Level 1: Hang art inside your home (Just wait—there's more!) 
    • Level 2: Display art to be viewed outside your home for neighbors to see 
    • Level 3: Create a porch installation to be viewed for neighbors to see

No matter which experience you and your child decide upon, there will be a digital component.

Choose how you want to experience the amazing artwork:

  • Go to this website with links to each school's virtual show: D97 Remote Learning Art Exhibition Website
  • Go for a "Physically Distant: Socially Connected" walk, bike ride, or drive through the streets of Oak Park 

Lastly, if you are on social media or your school's Facebook page, you might post there. 

Here is a list of hashtags:

  • #D97Art
  • #WeAreD97
  • #MyD97

We know this has been so hard on all of us, but we do hope we pull together and show how "art is therapy for the creator and art is therapy for the viewer/community." Share it!

Please reach out to your child's art teacher if you have any questions.

- District 97 Art Department